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from Regenbogenfabrik e.V. / Cafe + Kino
Lausitzer Straße 22 in Kreuzberg
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( Note: you will only hear the radio when we are streaming LIVE, otherwise there is NO SOUND ) ... OR the sound of rain in a forest *new* :) ...   No archives currently available. Our goal is to create a live REALTIME interactive medium / channel. Perhaps in the future, some archives will be posted on a new platform.


FRi. 19.8 >>
GRK News:

NO GRK streaming 2nite.... 
but come out and celebrate the RbogenFabrik's 40th Birthday 2day/nite ... 
lots of good LIVE musik...  and kiez comrades to celebrate with !

event details here on mobilize.berlin ...

GRK news > WE have moved our stream to SUNDAY NIGHTS ... so no show 2nite !
 But you can support a new project at Regenbogen Cafe on FRIDAYS... NO BORDER ASSEMBLY ! with Voku/Kufa... i think.
 Our first official SUNDAY nite will also not be at Regenbogen but from Berlin Mitte via Buchhandlung Cafe... in support of this very cool ART ACTION EVENT ...
Aug.14 16-19h 
( and stream continuing in the cafe ... "afterparty"  ) 




YES, we are ON TONITE... rain or shine .... come join us in the cozy RadioBogen Cafe :)
or on the not-so-cozy interwebz ;)

Btw, this is OUR LAST *** FRIDAY **** Nite session, as we will likely move the project to ******* SUNDAY ******* nites, but more about that later.

come celebrate the micro (R) evolutions with us at the GRK homebase !!


Ep.no.116:  " We were never Post-Colonial" ( nach Latour )
19h CET til late

We will look at the KW institute's 
12. Berlin Biennale für zeitgenössische Kunst
themes are de-kolonialism, not quite sure how heavily they use the term post-colonialism, but we will examine that term, as it's constantly being floated in all the usual academic weak analysis of ongoing global struggles 2day. 

Also this relates to Documenta in Kassel as well, which we hope to visit and examine later in Aug. And there are radio groups to connect with there, and the possibility of doing GRK shows from THERE.

more later....

As usual, the Regenbogen Cafe + Kiez Kneipe  is open 2mrw from 19h ( maybe earlier ) til late.

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1. GRK Alert >
 Premiere of "The Loud Spring" by Johanna Schellhagen at Kino Toni in Weisensee Aug. 2. ... GOOD write up HERE :  https://awsm.nz/?p=13547
 re: Latour



The anthropolgical work from Wengrow + Graeber is much more to the point !

( sorry for the TED talk, which we do not endorse, but it is a good encapsulation by Wengrow...



July 22
WE ARE BACK This week !
19h CET til late...
Ep.No.115 Wi-Fi Kills on the Planet of Dirty Rats

Another great arts and resistance topic !
and possible guests from MESS - Die SeifenOpfer 
which will premiere next tues at Zirkus Mond !
dont MISS ! Do Mess !

and share this invite with your friends :


" it's a bit like a Schlingensief project abducted by alien hormones and Toxoplasma
( the cat parasite which takes over your brain )" ... Herr Hoffmeister

" A dizzying Psychotronic genre spin through the military  industrialsci-fi-gentrifried spaghetti-eastern front of our hyper-modern  times in Prenzlberg... as seen from the Miss-enfranchised, the  post-urban B-sidesand Cat-o-tonic ( burp! ) perspectives. " - Dr.  Podinski, CiTiZEN KiNO Laboratories


This weekend is Schokoladen Hoffest in Mitte
and we are looking into streaming
from Club der Polnischen Versager

Last Minute Productions...
check back for details...
this is not yet confirmed !


July 8
19h CET til late
Ep.no. 114: 
Do The Androids Wear Sheep's Clothing ?

more topics coming....

- we might have some guests

( around 22:00h )
perhaps the editor from  :
will come by...
Pavel  Arsenev, who is in town for a Walter Benjamin themed conference, and a discussion that was at the Humboldt Uni moderated by Natalia Grinina on weds. nite...
Speaking about  Bolshe Net Slov ( or just Speechless ) - on the limits of protest and  expression in Russia after the invasion of Ukraine. This is the title of their latest ( and possibly last? ) Translit issue, which is an  independent small publishing outlet ( and a community of artists,  theorists, poets, philosophers, etc. ) that was somewhat centered in St.Petersburg, but is now an internationally decentralized production,  with many of those involved now being in flux + transition due to the  increasinglly volatile situations.  

( after midnite )
after their event TONITE 8.7. at the hacklab in Fhain
MItch Altman and Kal Spelletich, 2 mad creators /professor types who are collaborating on a presentation/show about DIY instruments.

update: Kal wont be able to make it 2nite, unfortunately...  but perhaps mitch and some Xhain crew will come by for drinks. 


And other things:
- Slavoj Zizek on the exapnding Ukraine , Ru, Europe, NATO supercollider conflicts....
 ( warning: the Guardian is not exactly known as a de-escalating media outlet, and Zizek is undoubtedly a complex navigator of the infospheres )
 - Fascinating conversation currently on Nettime re: Morozov, Strom, and cybernetic krapitalism in tow with the neoliberal feeding frenzy, and tightening their controls in the freefall of the planetary scale junkship kultur.  w/ the usual suspects and more: Brian Holmes, Felx Stadler, Molly Hankwitz, etc. 
 Kiez News:
 Anti-Gentrification Demo in Btropolis
 on Saturday 9.7. , 15:00 : 
 Rallying Point : S-Bhf Warschauer Str.  (in front of ;-).. )

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July 1st
( Dammit our 1st 9euro ticket was under-utilized !  It's a Trap !  ;) 
19:00 CET til late
Ep.no.113: what the fuck all now !?

+ good new music scraped from the Btropolis Bibliotechs  !

Kiez alerts:

Last minute productions R Us !

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JUne 24
19:00h CET til late
the post-solstice waves

20:00h - Interview w/ Lauratibor project - see more below

mit dj Podo Zsupo
+ XLterrestrials + Globalistas

1. Housing Issues
Lauratibor Protest Opera  - the 2nd round following the Reichenberger Str, Demonstration-version 
26.06.2022 KUNDGEBUNG, 17 Uhr, Habersaathstraße 40-48 (Mi\e) 
Guests from the crew coming by to talk about the issues...
interview in DE, but we will say a few things in Eng about all that as well.
Pressematerial und Fotos: www.lauratibor.de/pressematerial Youtube: Kollektiv Lauratibor Weiter Informationen unter: www.lauratibor.de 
2. Next Level Arts + Praxis
we finaly finished "We Are Nature Defending Itself by Isabel Fremeux and J.Jordan 
one of the best books bringing things up to speed about where we are at with social and environmental crises... and methods of recreating ourselves in the midst of these escalating battles for LIFE !

3. Musika News bits

 Fete+Squat de la Musique ... the XLT view...
 and our XLT/GRK newletter playlist:
>> Some music currently in heavy rotation
these days on GRK friday nites. <<

Acht Eimer Hühnerherzen  **** Lucha Amada 3 - A Luta Continua ***
Caetano Veloso - A Foreign Sound ( 2004 ) *** Aksak Maboul + Various via
From Brussels With Love [Deluxe Edition 2020 - 40th anniversary of LeCrepescule ] *** Bonbon Vodou (2021 )*** Sebastian Manz & Studnitzky ( 2019 ) *** Sly & Robbie Feat. Nils
Petter Molvær, Eivind Aarset & Vladislav Delay ( 2019 ) *** 4 Mars -
Super Somali Sounds from the Gulf of Tadjoura ( 2021 ) **** Stromae
(2022 ) **** Chelsea Wolfe ( 2013 ) *** Common - A Beautiful Revolution,
Pt. 1 ( 2020 ) *** Izabela Trojanowska ( 1989 ) *** The Cure - Three
Imaginary Boys: Rarities 1977-1979 *** Die Lieder der Commune ( 2021 )
*** bANDiSTA - Buhal (2018) **** A. E. Bizottság ( 80s )

we also just notice some interesting things happening at 
The NEW School of Sound at Acud:

and Muqataa from Ramallah Underground is one of the instructors this summer, so we were checking his new work on Bandcamp:

The 10th edition of A L'ARME festival 
this time at Silent Green in August ( 10-13 )


 your requests + topics + alerts 


FRi. June 17
GRK ep.no.111
Alien Utopias - Part 3

Update 3 : We are Streaming. Isnt Tech Wonderful ? ;)

Update 2 : Net is down at Cafe, so we are open, but NO STREAM...
( we will keep trying to get a hotspot, but otherwise, only FUN if you arrive in the FLESH, IRL )

Update: we have a report that the tech/net is down at regenbogen, so we may stream from another location... 
stay tune, for more updates ... grrrr. 

We have had a few cancellations lately, for various reasons. 
but hopefully things will be a little smoother :

Here's a few topics for ep111:

1. Mobilize.berlin
the new-ish Btropolis event calendar for public use.
And the recent Mobiilizon hackathon at C-base
and the XLT Radar channel on the platform:

2. reviewing the state of the interwebz
re;publica22 + Weizenbaum Inst. conf. "practicing soveriegnty" 

3. free improvisation musika
a brief history and some news about Btropolis events in this genre
i.e. the Hurdy+ Project / series of free musik improv in Wiesensee:
4 dates in June 15/16 and July 19/20

4. 50 years of Rauchhaus event last week
and the importance of the housing struggles !
+ Ton Steine Scherben - music as an engaged praxis

5. UKR / RU crisis updates and analysis


your suggested topics HERE >>>>>

Sommermarkt der Utopien am Heini...
Diesen Sonntag, 19.06. 14-19 Uhr am Heinrichplatz 
( via Lucha Amada Collective )

Documenta22 in Kassel ( preview )

Spaceship at MenschMeier 18.6
w/ Raving Mad Carlos and many more


Fri june 10: update

GRK ALERT > due to tech ( net ) and haus issues, we are unable to stream from Rbigen Cafe...
still sorting out if we will open the cafe later. .. try and keep ya posted. 

But if you are in the kiez, u should probably know that Rauchhaus ( at Bethanien ) is celebrating 50 Years 2nite and all weekend. So, highly recommended as an alternative ! Film screening 2nite... frieluft kino? we assume. 

FRi. June 10
GRK ep.no.110
Alien Utopias - Part 2

+ Re:publica 22 is on, 8.6-10.6 

+ GRK/XLt alert > great exhibition ( 2 days only ) at the Weizenbaum conf at the Alte Munze.... https://www.weizenbaum-institut.de/en/events-1/weizenbaum-conference-2022-practicing-sovereignty-interventions-for-open-digital-futures/

our own highly subjective + cranky 2cents...

we thought rp was deeply-ridden with naive techno-industry-evangelism
from its beginning, when it was just a smallish blogger fest...and has gotten only steadily worse over the years ;) 
but even the broken clock that is spinning wildly out of control...
might hit a few accurate notes, and have a few worthwhile sessions...

this one should be preety informative on the A.I. Bizness
Kate Crawford 2day june 8 at 17h


we will likely have some more XLT analysis after the week's mess fully seeps in ! ;)



FRi.June 3
GRK ep.no.109:
Alien Utopias

19h CET start ( til late ) at Regenbogen Cafe

Topics + Musika:
- Anthropocene vs. Zivilisationsfrage ( recap )
- AstroTurd revolts ( import/export uprisings ) - the case of Srda Popovic and the Color Revolutions
- 25 Years of Jungle World 
- etc.

new Musika:
Acht Eimer Huehnerherzen
Felix Kubin
Chris Imler
istari lasterfahrer


Yur news, themes and musik tips 


May 27
GRK ep.no.108:
Anthropocene vs. Zivilisationsfrage
19h CET start ( til late ) at Regenbogen Cafe
Lausitzer Straße 22 in Kreuzberg

NOTE: We made a small error. Zivilisationsfrage is a FULL 2-day conference, multiple talks/ sessions per day, plus a performance on Sunday. David Wengrow's keynote is 27.5 at 18:00 CET... and continuing talks until about 22h 2nite. All ( main) auditorium talks are streamed by HKW.  So we may not go to Regenbogen to stream GRK 2nite, or if we do, will be much later in the evening, after conference is over.  ( roughly 23h CET start ? )

Currently there are 2 conference topics at HKW...
Anthropocene and Zivilisatonsfrage, the later is the DE title of Graeber and Wengrow’s epic investigations ( in Eng. : The Dawn of Everything )  into a radical anthropological  question as to whether another civilization is possible …  to boil it down to our urgent times and need for immediate social + system change.

For the upcoming HKW events:
and the Anthropocene Curriculum:
 XLT analysis preview:
One of the problems that the XLterrestrials  have with these conferences is that they do not overlap and debate each other, nor even more radically: collaborate + instigate ( for the common good ) !
So we will attempt to construct the necessary conversations between the  two: the hard science and the political struggles, with the added layer of those critical terrestrial zones on the ground, and WE the PEOPLE !
If our last decades of turmoil and exploitations have revealed anything about humanity’s planetary crises, science + technology are clearly not unfettered  from political systems and agendas and economic entanglements… nor are  their implementations in the hyper-industrialized societies some kind of  neutral path to knowledge+progress, much less ecological stewardship.  More often  than not it takes the shape of the oligarch’s pick ax, to whack off new  layers of accumulated power and wealth, and to stuff it into their koffers and warchests.
The XLt have serious issues with the fact  that after more than a decade of Anthropocene discussions, those in the  academic and cultural sectors still wish to dive into measurements and  data collection rather than direct actions and selbst-verteidigung… still putting pictures and  films on the galerie walls to educate and steer, rather than pulling the  FIRE ALARM and evacuating the collapsing empires.

Note: One of the models that could inspire us in ways to more adequately respond to our challenges might be the La ConCiencias - 2 conferences in the south of Mexico, which brought together left ( and from below ) -engaged scientists and thinkers - to discuss with the local communities and imagine strategies of resistance. 
 About: https://towardfreedom.org/story/archives/americas/cracks-in-the-wall-of-capitalism-the-zapatistas-and-the-struggle-to-decolonize-science/
But we are not naive. Big state institutions are not going to present this information so directly. HKW may have its more subtle strategies, but one could argue it cannot deliver the necessary critiques and plans for community-scale action. 

Naturally we appreciate all the work that goes into the research and presentations... and of these types of institutions it may be one of the best at confronting the Anthropocene and our crises. But bringing critiques ( and alien analysis ) to the conversations and debates is essential !
Other news:
- Bandista has a new album release at SO36 on Sunday 29.5
- Kopi has a fun mix of things all-day on Sat. 28.5
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MAY 20
Note: will not be at regenbogen cafe, due to another event needing the space... 
plans for this friday's show is not clear.
more updates soon.

Some notes for the week:
HKW returns with their Anthropocene lectures + analysis:
+ Earth Indices exhibition
good people around, but definitely requires some XLT analysis

UKR + the europa crises
interesting and/or irritating discussions currently on Nettime List

GOT some richtige topics/ alerts for us !??



[the GRK Episodes ]---->

May 13
GRK ep. no.106 "Dr.Westlove, or how i stopped worrying and learned to love anmnesia westerns "
19h CET til late

Musika + Topics....

- a critique of Nettime's "UKR irregular linklist"... and a few links of our own:

- "Why I Can't Wave a Ukrainian Flag – A Dissenting Teach-In on Russia's
Invasion" by Daniel Herman 

- Jurgen Habermas from Suddeutsche Zeitung from April 29
now excavated from SZ paywall, and available in Eng:

War and Indignation. The West’s Red Line Dilemma
( in SZ : Krieg und Empörung )


GRK Alerts>
2 interesting punks show 2nite May 12th:

12.5 - Pussy Riot at funkhaus 2nite...
could be interesting for XLt analysis, but VERY pricey 30e. 
( a fundrasier for*underage* refugees )


12.5 - Roter Salon brings back their concert series ( programmed by the workers of Volksbuhne ) Vergessene Arbeitskämpfe: Punk-Abends
mit AntiBastard und BLASKE
and commemorating the Donbas Strike in 1989

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