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  Bitcoin Assembly 34C3
Monero ChaosPad (neighbor assembly)
Change the money, change the world:
Thank you so much for the amazing time:
(let's be connected,)
A place for all topic Bitcoin & Blockchain. We want to have the bitcoin sofa again for you to check out all the questions.
Who will be there (please put you r name and contact in)                  
- Emzy ( 3911 | @emzy at twitter | Email) - arrive day 1 around 11am
- / rootzoll ( @rootzoll | dect: 8674 ) - arrive day 0 around 9pm
- Bitcoin Munich (3-4 delegates)
- Chris Beams (@cbeams,
- Manfred Karrer (@manfred_karrer,
- Vdo (@ vdo, 
- Mike Rosseel (@mrosseel,
- Jonas (@ n1ckler) +2
- Vavoida
- mirsal (
- Evan Schwartz (@_emschwartz,, works on
- Ksenya (Twitter / Telegram @ j32804)
- Tina (@goodc0re) DECT 2426
- greyhound DECT 2420
- @piezzo
- Tim Menapace (@egodigitus)
- Stefan Richter (@stefanwouldgo)
- Manuel (eventphone: 3863)
- Felix Weis (@felixweis)
- Râu Cao (@ raucao @
- Michal Stefanow - - 0044 758 629 4279 - @stefek99
Location on 34c3
First info from the assembly org has that crypto coins will be in Hall2. But check again with info desk when you arrive at the congress.
Hardware we plan to have at the assembly (add your stuff)
- big Beamer as Main Presenting Area for Sessions and Stuff
- Audio Box and Microphone
- small LED projector + RasberryPi for BitcoinRollercoasterGuy
- small / crappy LED Beamer + USB Flash Drive for Logo Slideshow
- 5-port router + 5-port switch + LAN Cable for Table (just in case)
- Litecoin, Dash and Decred stickers s
- I want to try the bitcoin sign and Denis Display from room77.
- A couple Antminer S5 for fun and profit
- 4x raspberry pi 3 for running experiments
- 8-port switch, few cables
(pick one by adding your name to it or add an idea)
- Someone to bring to OpenDime for demo:
I can bring an old one (version 1) -> cool: D
- TREZOR for Demo (not your personal one)
   -> I can bring a Trezor for Demo (@goodc0re)
- Someones to bring a spare LEDGER for demo - ask @BTChip Nicolas Bacca
    -> can bring a ledger (@parasew)
- Two Computers sending back and forth lots of Lightning Transactions
   -> I'll bring you a couple of raspberry PIs for that
      -> I'd like to join the fun. How do we plan time/day?
- Demo combine ledger/trezor + electrum + tails for anon BTC
- Someone to build / bring a Bitcoin Satellite Node: D 
- Laptop with Live Linux and a printer to print nice crypto paper wallets
- Workshop about Smart Contract Hacking on ETH (1-2h)  -> Bring your Laptop
- Does anyone understands Lightning Network? I don't, and would love some talk about that
Planned Events at Bitcoin Assembly 
Everyday around 3pm we want to have a Satoshi Square - a private person to private person. After that its time for sessions.
IF YOU LIKE / PLAN TO PRESENT YOUR BITCOIN / BLOCKCHAIN ​​PROJECT OR EXPERIENCE AT THE ASSEMBLY: Meet us at the table to coordinate. All projects or research needs to be open - no proprietary startups - sorry. 
Topics that would be about:
(Put your name / twitter behind it or add another topic you would like to hear)
  • Be your own Bank: Store your Bitcoins / Crypto Securely
  • Be your own exchange: How to buy and sell bitcoin for national currencies with Bisq
  • Lightning Network: How to Scale on Layer2 and Can We Trust the "Clearing Process" between Blockchain & LN? What about Hub2Hub Clearing?
  • Anonymity and privacy when using Crypto
  • Bitcoin & Energy consumption (outside our filter bubble this is a big topic seen as a thread to a green future,
  • Interledger: Layer 3 protocol for connecting different ledgers and Layer 2 networks like Lightning and Raiden
  • telnet
We should generally expect a growing movement of strong opposition.
I will the bring the holy book with the "Rules of Aquisition" to guide us with wisdom:
Infobeamer Setup / Content
Taking care of the info and entertainment screens/beamers was always a big hassle over the last years. So this year I would like to manage our beamers with the following software: I will bring it installed on a RaspberrryPi - ready to go. Beside our Text-Infos (Timetable, etc) it can rotate Images, Videos and Websites in Fullscreen. Feel free to list/link content below that you would think to be funny or of informational value to have on rotation:
Schedule (will get filled mostly adhoc on location)
join in everyday around 2:30pm/14:30Uhr to get a slot for your demo/session
Day0 - 26.12.
Late that day assembly orga will meet and prepare basic setup of table.
Day1 - 27.12.
Lets meet around 10am to setup final stuff.
The congress opening starts at 11am - we can watch together livestream at the table.
3pm - Satoshi Square and following talk ideas:
Day2 - 28.12.
3pm - Satoshi Square and following talk ideas:
- Practical Bitcoin Experience - Jeff from Bitcoin Stammtisch Berlin
- Peter Todd - OpenTimestamp (ask big stage time slot - demo afterwards)
- Hands-on adventure with Lightning Network; let's set up a second layer!
Day3 - 29.12.
3pm - Satoshi Square and following talk ideas:
Day4 - 30.12.
3pm - Satoshi Square and following talk ideas:
5:30pm Congress Closing Session - we can watch together at the assembly