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Public Pad Latest text of pad 3kCiDBchei Saved June 19, 2022

Parts of the page, mainly in English, use the Taglists feature of Taginfo to render more efficiently using client-side scripts. However, Taginfo only stores descriptions in languages where a long form documentation page exists for the tag, limiting its use and requiring shadow “generic” templates.
 The expected deliverable must at least
 - Solve performance issues for languages where the size of the page prevents performant rendering.
 - Preserve the current structure and content of the page as it exists currently.
 Below are 2 potential approaches to consider, although neither are required. There may be better solutions.
Solution 1: Populate Taginfo’s descriptions from the data items, which can exist without corresponding long form pages. Use taglists in all languages filling in missing descriptions in the data items using the old templates. Any description still missing in any language is a loose end but not a regression.
Solution 2: Write a server-side script in Lua using Mediawiki’s Scribunto module extracting descriptions from the data items. Fill in missing descriptions as in Solution 1.
Implement privacy-related changes to OSM website (Roland)
TODO: determine what work, if any, remains open.