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Do this -> Join the Rocket Chat for c3ride at
Please collect any ideas, links etc. that were mentioned in the session here
* carsharing option after ticket purchase (offer/search)
  * participants might buy tickets as soon as they become available, but may chose their mode of transport at a later time. also, all these plans can be subject to change.
* pretix plugin (?)
  * at the moment, it's not technically easy to connect ticket purchase (includes financial information) to nicknames or even congress participants. it is possible to have friends buy you a ticket or use a burner mail address. i would assume this is by design. when integrating the purchase process with other event related systems, we weaken the data scarcity ("Datensparsamkeit") of the infrastructure.
* after order choose to provide or search rideshare
* redirect to c3ridesharing platform
* c3ride auf Rocket 
MVP features:
* receive notification (via mail) (opt-in)
* pick up people at intermediate destinations
* choose number of seats you want to provide/search
* choose size of luggage, (non)-smoker
* change data at any time (cancel ride)
Who is who:
* Fnark, organizer
* Yolo
* Flo
* ml
* guenther
This is the follow-up mail I sent to the c3sustainability and HACC mailing lists, for those who missed the mail:
Hi together, 
at the Camp there was a self-organized session in the about:freedom tent on ride sharing at Chaos events.
The result is here in the pad:
Short summary:
- we want to replace the wiki page with something better  because it does not scale for the Congress. And other good reasons.
- we call it c3ride
- offering a ride and searching for a ride would ideally be  integrated into Pretix as a plug-in because when you buy the ticket, you  entered your address data already and the dates are known.
- behind Pretix there would be a backend that does the matching  between dirvers and riders. It would also support partial matches. 
- we'll meet again at the Congress for longer coding
- the conversation continues in Rocket Chat bei
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