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============ Reminder Announcement ================
Title: Join OSGeo Virtual Community Sprint tomorrow!
Dear sprinters,
The OSGeo Community Sprint starts tomorrow at 08:00 UTC.
The wiki page has been updated with additional info about virtual work  spaces, schedule, presentations etc.   
We are going to have a welcome session at 13:00 UTC (time zone planning  similar to AGM)
Projects are welcome to present (5-10 mins) their work plan at the welcome session.
At the end of each day, there will also be a reporting session at 22:00 UTC for projects to report their progress.
If you want to present your project or your work during those 3 days, feel free to register a presentation slot:
  • Kick off meeting each day around 8:00am UTC
  • Welcome session Tue Nov 17 13:00 UTC (will be recorded on YouTube) 
  • Daily report every day around 22:00pm UTC
  • Closing event Thu 19 Nov 22:00 UTC
On behalf of the OSGeo board,
============ Announcement================
Dear OSGeo community,
Taking into account the Doodle results, the Board decided to organize the OSGeo Virtual Community Sprint 2020 on November 17-18-19, also celebrating GIS and PostGIS days.
The OSGeo Virtual Community Sprint 2020 will be accompanied by other events in November 2020 see
We would now ask projects to please register on our wiki page so we can start to setup the Jitsi channels.
The sprint is going to be a 3 day event around time zones; participating projects are free to select their working hours and log them into the wiki so others can join at the appropriate time.
On behalf of the OSGeo board,
=============Initial mail===================
Dear OSGeo community,
Since the annual OSGeo code sprint was postponed for 2021, the OSGeo Board is considering to organize an online version of the OSGeo code sprint in November.
This would be a full week event, with various Jitsi rooms per project and several discussion Jitsi rooms for social interactions. We also consider a large room (similar to AGM) for the kick-off and final meeting of the OSGeo code sprint.
We would like to hear your date preferences, ideas, objections etc.
Here is a doodle poll (will run for a week) to gather feedback:
On behalf of the OSGeo board,