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[please put questions and other non-related things in the chat]
This project is about planning the presence of the Monero universe at the annual Chaos Communication Congress.
Partner assembly: RIAT
35C3 (planned)
35C3 – 35th Chaos Communication Congress
December 27. through 30. 2018, Leipziger Exhibition Grounds, Leipzig
Current status and coordinations happen via
Join the IRC channel #monero-ccc
combined with Bitcoin and RIAT assemblies.
Thank you so much, there were some posters leftovers, I took them London with me.
For the remainder - I was thinking about Bitcoin ATMs - there are quite a few in London
who will come?
  • dewdeded (freenode: netg)
  • parasew
  • nevvton
  • msvb-lab
  • pablonero
  • dsc_
  • i_a
  • mi
  • pebx
  • vdo
  • Munich connection: 
  • /u/freelikeinfreedom
  • Andi
  • Mr. Xxxx
  • Mrs. Xxxx
(please put nicks or info inside, so we know how much approximately will come)
Submitted talks and workshops:
  • [20] Namecoin as a Decentralized Alternative to Certificate Authorities for TLS (Jeremy_Rand)
  • [20] A Blueprint for Making Namecoin Anonymous (Jeremy_Rand)
  • [15] Namecoin for Tor Onion Service Naming (And Maybe Other Darknets?) (Jeremy_Rand)
other presentations (possible, but not decided yet)
- present mastering monero? (serhack?)
Topics and aspects of Monero we want to cover at 34c3:
  • The basics of Monero
  • social, political, sociological, ethical importance of a truly private, fungible, community-driven cryptocurrency
  • The war on cash & why transparent blockchains are a terrible idea for money
  • first hands on / beginner tutorials
  • technical aspects for the average crypto-noob    
  • The community (grassroots) aspect of Monero
  • Forum Funding System
  • The Hardwarewallet
  • Monerujo
  • Mastering Monero
  • Kovri
  • .....
- "Monero 2017 - the year in review" expert talk session (3-4 ppl)
- i2p install and benchmark session
- internal monero community meeting to discuss the future
- Monero-related Tomu applications
- Installing and running monero on old android phones (monerujo) on old adroid devices (lineage: )
- running monero full nodes on android phones
- How to setup a remote node on a raspberry pi (or any other hardware running debian based linux)   (by Andi)
  - secured with?
    - vpn (openvpn)?
    - tor hidden service?
- Use Monerujo/Kasisto on testnet ?
(+ this needs a kovri-part)
- various community-based works on editing and translation
    - how to contribute to monero translation (Ericcone?)
  • adding Monerujo to Fdroid repos
  • refactoring the Website
  • creating a better overview / info for the libraries (like ruby-monero, etc.)
  • overview of meetups around the world
  • events
  • logs of the community and dev meetings on IRC
  • proofreading "Mastering Monero"
  • working on the ruby implementation
  • translations
- turning your phone into a password manager (external project via 33c3)
  • magnet card printer (dewdeded)
  • gsm sim card reader (dewdeded)
  • Posters, Stickers (pablonero)
  • Printer
  • Network equipment: Wifi Router/ Acess Point, Switches, cables
  • Power equipment: Mehrfachsteckerleisten 
  • Whiteboard/Paper - wall (wall+paper+markers)
  • some nice and funky lights 
  • coffeemachine / fridge
  • Tools for building stuff: Battery-Screwdriver, Screws, Saw, Duckt-Tape 
  • more raspberry Pi s ?? anyone? (+sdcards and other supplies)
  • I have 4 rpi3 model B, no sdcard though
  • Couches, Kissen, Teppiche, Kuscheldecken ;)
  • Testnet Coins
  • Demo devices (old smartphones and laptops)+
  • pre-order wood , screws, maybe molton or regips, karton. <please feel free to add more here>  etc from bauhaus (see adress below in ths file)
  • 3D Printer? whizzard?
Who will bring what?
via m2049r:
- a small car! :)
- some power cables
- a Toolbox
via riat:
- beamer
- atomos ninja (for apertus) + Camera
via Munich connection:
- 8 port Gigabit switch
- 8 port Gigabit switch
- 5 port Gigabit switch
- a small Brother  Sticker printer (b/w Thermo)
- 5 raspberry pi 
Open Tasks and Questions to solve/answer: (for 34c3)
  • A large Car and a driver?
  • Walls / Seperators - how will we do that?
  • Seperating the colors from the meetup kit (and other graphics / posters)  for risographic printing
  • CCC leute fragen ob "offline FFS" mit Bezahlung von Tasks ein Problem wäre
  • Brandschutz? Holzplatten? Alternativen?
  • Writing an email to MoneroObserver (pablonero?)
  • Writing Greg (freelikeinfreedom)
Open Tasks and Questions to solve/answer: (for Monero in general)
  • Translations
  • website refactoring
Other info
  • Pad from c3w https:2//
Ideas for information material:
- Make a poster with all involved people in the community (big bubbles with: core-dev, MRL, FFS people, ...)
- Infobeamer, it's a advertising system build and operated by CCC during Congress:
How to advertise your session: Log in to GitHub, find the CMS
visual representation of people / contributors for specific topics within the community
            --> reinforcement of the key criterias (community run, privacy, anonymity...etc)    
            of most important aspects of monero - as a short intro for every talk <--               
------------------------------------[ Day 01 ]--------------------------------------
Lectures/ Workshops 
------------------------------------[ Day 02 ]--------------------------------------
Lectures/ Workshops 
------------------------------------[ Day 03 ]--------------------------------------
Lectures/ Workshops 
------------------------------------[ Day 04 ]--------------------------------------
Lectures/ Workshops 
please note: there is public transportation tickets available for the time of the congress
offered for a dicounted rate here:
Needed 34c3 entry tickets:
External Links:
-------------------------------------- random notes,good & funny ideas and brainstorming:
  • Monero Paperwallet Rohrpost Exchange (oder fax)
  • Offline Offline Forum Funding System (bountys for tasks to be solved at 34c3)
  • Monero Rätsel/Puzzle/"Schnitzeljagt" (maybe hiding a monero seed in some way for people to search it
  • Nebelmaschine Laserbeamer "Monero Visuals"
  • i_a:
    Monero project stands above the monero currency, the currency is not the main goal even though it is the most visible one. There are different modules being developped, all of them extend the privacy on the web, for example Kovri, Hwallet, ... All are working together for a safer net, more privacy, more freedom. They are also developped as modules, so they can be re-used in different codebases.
"Monero - the open Revolution"
"Financial freedom of speech"
"Sine secretum non libertas (Without privacy no liberty)"
"Yes we can't"                                                                              ..."see your account balance" <- I love this one
"The real cypherpunk cash"
something like (but shorter): international interdisciplinary comunity collaboration project for more freedom and self empowerment of the poeple