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( we have recently been locked out of FB for activist-ing, incl. rants about Fb's own mechanisms for newsfeeds and algorithms, rendering it not only a useless social media tool, but a dangerous surveillance crapitalist parasite ! )
podinski @ mailbox .org
*** NEW ***
Friday Nite streams from RegenbogenFabrik, 19h ( CET) til late
Regenbogenfabrik e.V.
Lausitzer Straße 22
10999 Berlin
( Note: you will only hear the radio when we are streaming LIVE, otherwise there is NO SOUND ) ... Or the sound of rain in a forest *new* :) 
JAN. 21
GRK 90 + 91
Who's Afraid Of A Big Left Wolf ?
(  ( in pandemic times )  )
19h CET
Lots of Musik, maybe some analysis, maybe some screams
( contact us if u want the Deep L eng translation file )
Decolonizing Science:
Covid’s lesson: When anxious, isolated and hopeless, we’re less ready to think critically
- by Jonathan Cook, 2022 Jan 6
Call For Papers
CfP: Critical reflections on pandemic politics: left-wing, feminist and anti-racist critiques
- by [Ingrid Hoofd](, 2022 Jan 19
Big Brother Science Time 
start time: 19h CET
Topics coming SOON !
Postponed ! 
No GRK show 2nite... we need a break from work and humans.... so we are having easy alien + chill downtime 2nite... enjoy yur nite !
And what's on YOUR Kiez Radar ??
The Responsible Anarcho-Spiritualist Overthrow of Evil Assholedom
Pandemia Suspiria Spaghetti
GRK Dr. Endtimes, or how i learned to stop worrying and love the Vaccines Boosters
19h CET til... 
1. the new bio-molecular Cold War
1.5 Kusturica's Underground script - a metaphor / parallel universe for NOW
2. Chaos reports
3. G. Maxwell , a spy comes in from the fold
4. Poisoned Pizza Gate
( the memes, the memes )
5. Which Revolution wlll be Tokenized ?
(new one from D. Pinchbeck about crypto )
( a little dissection required  )         
7. And more MUSIKA from Dr.Unkuenst
Oddity Archive Teil 2
Ideas welcome here >>
schism + unschism from the intersect + Bonfire TV pppl 
and older archive on the theme ( not yet the session from RC3 )
DEc.24 87:
the night of unholy christian consumer-imperialisms
19:00h CET until ?
We are deciding if we will actually do this show... or... take a much needed break .
Standby for confirmation
Confirmed !
Btw, we just got word that:                                
maldekstra #13 
Globale Perspektiven von links: das Auslandsjouis now OUT.
link for PDF coming soon.
print version may also be out at the RLS / Neues Deutschland HQ in Fhain
Got Topics ? >>
musiKa links ? >>  
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your inputs Here >>>>
GRK : 
14-19h CET 
( roughly )
Hey Comrades, FYI: the XLterrestrials will be at Moos Market 2mrw. in Treptow - between 2-7pm- ( perhaps not operating that whole time). We will be set up in the covered corner of the Hof, next to the Spaeti + E.Alchemy... We will be streaming Globalista Radio Kit, dj Podo Zsupo w/ the Globo vibes, perhaps chatting with guests on-the-fly inbetween the musika + + PLUS a little CiTiZEN KiNO excerpt > CK#92: A Smorgasbord of Escape Routes / Hacks ( 1. A little about our ongoing Pandemic Mess , 2. some reflection on our C-Kino for Solar Punks collab at CCC-RC3-remote last year,  3. some excerpts from the new Arte Doc : Unterm Radar - Wege aus der digitalen, + 4. a few musika videos from our summer collab w/ UNkraut this summer, and 5.  preview of C-KINOs in 2022, etc. ) ...
Happy Holidaze!
check out this wild trailer for the film from JB Carlsen 
Santa Action ( 1975 )
ab 19h CET
2nite : GRK 85:  A tribute to Mass Revolt ! ... featuring a bit or a bunch of Punk Irratia streams outta the basque lands ... radikal nonstop ... w/ interspersed blabberei .
you can tune in already at:
"The Internet was not built for sequencing the human genome ( an       ol' tired Rifkin notion, perhaps partially correct), devoloping A.I., downloading or uploading consciouness into the matrix, constructing cybernetic regimes + corporate mousetraps, ponzi schemes uberalles, and surveiling + manipulating human populations everywhere! It is for  streaming 24/7 beacons of revolt... like channels such as Punk       Irratia...  Be Like P.I. ! ... and we might just survive the 21st    century with some integrity and our human and/or species dignity ! " dj Podo Zsupo ( from the XLt/GRK/CK collective troll operations center at Regbogenfabrik )
Your topics and Kiez news HERE >>>
Dec. 10 :
Deep Fried Hedonist Cyborgism
19h CET until ?
- Short heads-up on 5 volume anarcho-communist book project in search for a livable utopia
    -> The books (Band 1-5 : )
 - via a new agey channel 
 Jason Silva ( uber-technotopian ) interviews Erik Davis ( author of Tehcgnosis
 needs ALOT of XLT analysis 
 watch at your own risk of getting very agitated and/or seduced by the deepfried cyborg hedonists 
- anecdots of racist harrassemnt in the Kiez... the incompetent methods of covid controls in the btropolis, or is it ANOther Agenda at work?!
-upcoming housing events ! fighting forced evictions.
to be cont. 
Dec. 3 :
the art + revolution of everyday life ( now or never )
19h CET til ?
- We Are Nature Defending Itself book 
and reflections on Labofii + Zad on tour
( laboratory of insurrectionary imagination )
-Envisioning Space conference ( reflections )
- About the Unciv List
( with special guests ? )
-Revisting the Dark Mountain manifesto from 2010, and 
a new substack article from Paul Kingsworth 
- Trauer March Demo on Sunday, Dec 5
against displacement, forced evictions.... 
and soli for the housing struggles 
- Another RC3 Chaos Congress, online only, and more decentralized
( but, will anyone be resisting this cubicle-ization of everyday life ?? ) be cont.
ADD YOUR thoughts, ideas, news items, alerts HERE >>>>>
Excellent commentary on vaccine cross-contamination:
hahaha. i admit, that's funny !
But here is some really good journalistic cross-examination of Big Pharma's not-so-comedy narratives :
Cory Doctorow ( Xlt caution: one of the ultimete tech solutionists )... writes about the Cuban Vaccines and one of Big Pharmas biggest fuckups ( or fuckOvers )  and Omicron variant ! .... some useful things here perhaps. ... 
OOoof, we were warned by a couple friends, and sent an incredibly messy article by Paul Kingsworth for the Guardian... and we will likely drop this material from our GRK topics.  It is just so difficult to untangle the few good parts from the mostly insane parts ! 
I'm not happy with this. You imply too much with no backup. Please quote the "insane" parts, or at least reference whatever it is you are talking about. Otherwise it's just sraight up blatant demafation. The article is not even "messy". If anything it's "honest".
Like, for example, this?:
no, nothing like that, for example. One thing is pretty a pretty serious discussion of the state of environmentalism movement, and "the left", the other is sensationalist media for selling shit "journalism".
New topic:
- the new book by Carola Rackete
The Time to Act Is Now                                                                         - A call to combat environmental breakdown -                    
It's available for free !
Nov.26 :
Snakes and Ladders + Walls, Motes and Hierarchies 
19h CET til ?
PLEASE  NOTE: The Cafe will not be open to the public. We have to assess the  sitaution further to know how we can navigate the new pandemic measures/rules.
If you are particpating in the radio program, you are welcome to be a part of the working group and join us at the studio. Email us ( see contact above) and let us know you are coming. 
Tonite"s themes:
- Housing is a Human Right, and we will fight when you fuck with our rights ! Updates on Germany's Ampfel coalition, and how it affects housing, and the rights to our city !
- H48 Demo on sat. Nov.27
Wir fordern #WohnungenFürAlle statt dem weiteren #AusverkaufDerStadt!  Demo: MORGEN #b2711 14 Uhr #h48, #Hermannstraße 48 in #Neukölln 
March to Kotti !
- Refugees drowning in the Channel
the current situations at Calais. and other news from the refugee fronts.
- Solidarity vs. the Ant Mills of obedience
( with references to Graeber and Wengrow"s new book The Dawn of Everything )
- Fuck thanksgiving, the colonizers' myth making !
- strange encounters with artists
and a tribute for a passing friend of G's in London.
- to be cont.
YOUR thoughts, kiez bits, news + alerts
GRK 81:
mystical preposterous and all Copped out !
!9h CET til ?
PLEASE NOTE: The Cafe will not be open to the public. We have to assess the sitaution further to know how we can navigate the new pandemic measures/rules.
XLt analyst:
Wir sind nicht so bereit ( nor convinced ) data + ausweiss + gesundheits kontrol zu machen, mittendrin in einen Class War.
__ ___ ____ 
- the new book- The Dawn Of Everything - from D. Wengrow + D. Graeber
great interview / report here:
- 26 copped out 
vijay prashad on the uberised farmlands + technological power grabs
" remind(ing) us that technology is not neutral; technology is a part of the class struggle. "
- report from Soundwatch#5 fest
music from A.E. Bizottság ( hungary ) + Ag Geige ( Karl Marx Stadt )
- the 2g measures + situations in Btropolis
contribute YOUR topics and suggestions and alerts here 
GRK Welcome to the new Schmutzige "Quango" Circus Times ! 
- news from Cop26:
* warning, do not read this before ( or after) breakfast.
stay tune, we will try to have some cheerier elements for 2nite's program.
to be cont.
YOUR news roundup +/or inspirations here >>>>>>>
Chakras, crystals and conspiracy theories: how the wellness industry turned its back on Covid science --
And on a lighter note, excellent commentary on ivermectin and the like:
No, this commentary is horseshit. Either totally stupid clickbait, or part of a campaign. The background of this until now especially big success in the campaign against Ivermectin is shown in this article:
While the article states that the nytimes reported false statistics which were propmptly corrected. The point of the video above, is that people trust their filter bubble and then use de-licers for treating corona instead of vaccines.
Climate aUction NOw !? ( or Are all COP summits bastards ?! )
topics :
- Cop26 analysis
(stands for "Conference of the Parties" ... or Plunderers )
Tricontinental reports - 
and more resources coming.
-Regenbogen Kino film series -
„Freiräume für Selbstorganisierung schaffen, gestalten und verteidigen“ 
- an XLT Guide to ... keeping cultural + public spheres alive in the Military Industrial Hamster Cage Complex times  ( Metaverse, my Ass ! ) 
to be cont. 
Add your suggestions, resources etc. HERE>>
GRK Ep.No.78 
TrenMaya  + Colonialism 3.0 + Indigenous Resistance
19h CET til late
Sometime after 21:30 we expect to have guests from the Berlin GiraPorLaVida and the CNI (Congreso Nacional Indígena - Mexiko)
For More Info:
Gira Por La Vida Berlin Crew + Recherche AG des Netz der Rebellion
We will discuss the fight against the Mayan Train, the Zapatista resistance and the context for our struggles against neoliberliam uberalles and our endangered planet and ways of life. 
With lots of new Globalista Musik as well !
to be cont.
IF you have important items or news alerts, announcements to share...
Add your bits HERE >>>
GRK 77:
Soli mit Schlurf
Anti-Te-Fa ! 
( Not the same fascism of the 2oth century )
Unfortunately our collab with Schlurf cafe crew has been cancelled/postponed. But "we" are anyway assembling a bunch of Hot Topics for GRK 2mrw., and with the weather shift it might be a good nite to do an especially chatty + ranty version with lots of XLT analysis, let's see. As usual it will be a play-it-by-ear+mood episode.
On the XLt Radar:
1. Zapatistas Gira Por La Vida - cont. - a recap of their visit in Btropolis and upcoming action on 30.10 re: The Mayan Train, and their other EU destinations
2. The Pandemic Abyss isn't our biggest nightmare !
Biometric I.D.s Are! :
3. The Schlurfs + Zazous antifa youth in Wien + Paris 1930/40s 
4. the upcoming Cop26 in Glasgow
5. Remembering key highlights from Cop25 in Paris
6. Defining Techno-Facisms
7. The Kopiplatz eviction stories
8. 22.10 - Soli for goldene Hahn Bar ( heini-Platz ) at Zielona Gora which was brutally attacked by the Po on Tag X nite. 
9. Excellent report on the grim state of media in the Covid Controlled Times:
Excellent commentary on ivermectin and the like:
10. Getting evicted from the M-Fuckerbook ! And XLt ideas for paying it all Back !
ADD more HERE>>>>
to be cont.
Xtra Notes:
30.10 > Maya Tren Demo
Together on 30.10 on the street against ecocide and displacement worldwide! From Lützerath to Yucatan - From Berlin to Kurdistan!
The #TrainOfDestruction is digging a swath through the last great rainforest of Central America. The #megaproject brings environmental destruction and #humanrights violations. And the #DB is profiting with it!
We can stop it! >>> 30.10, 4 pm, Nordbahnhof Berlin
Oct 15.
Rettet Die Kiez ! Koepi Bleibt !
more into coming soon !
Cafe open, roughly from 18-23h
#KöpiBleibt #DefendKöpi #b1510 ...
Live tickers for Kopi eviction :
                                                                                      + on twitter
Friday Oct.8
GRK Alert > We will be taking a break from the GRK livestream 2day in  order to give our full attention to the Demonstration with the Zapatistas ! And so the Cafe will also be closed tonite. 
Info on the demonstrations/actions in Btropolis:
>> Kampf für das Leben!
Besuch der Zapatistas in Berlin
Demonstration gegen die Todesmaschinerie des kolonialen Kapitalismus
Fr 08.10.
Seedemo auf der Spree:  (Es wird zu dezentralen Aktionen auf den Brücken
14:45 Beginn Wasserdemo ggü. Holzmarkt /Schillingbrücke
15:30/16:00 Uhr Kundgebung vor dem Humboldt Forum
17 Uhr anlanden am Anleger Marschallbrücke/ggü. ARD-Hauptstadtstudio
also here:
Friday Oct.1st
The Zapatistas Are Landing ! ( Part 1 )
19:00h (CET) begin / intro
19:30h Discussion with guests
21:30h Soli Music from The Global South  ( mix )
Incl. the incredible new Lucha Amada benefit compilation 
- now available : 
Regenbogen Cafe is semi-open, with limited outdoor seating, the public is welcome. Inside will be for radio guests only. 
Stream link:
This program WILL be ARCHIVED ! Link will be posted here on the Chaos pad, but we also encourage you to join the livestream, and participate here in the chat. 
We will be joined by some guests from the Berlin Coordination of La Gira por la Vida to learn more about what the Zapatista delegation brings to Europe, having finally managed after some unusual obstacles to gather - in full - in Austria 2 weeks ago.And Germany is their next stop !
The indigenous communities of the EZLN began to organize quietly in the  1980s to dare an uprising against capitalism, patriarchy and colonialism  on Jan. 1, 1994. During that time president Carlos Salinas de Gortari  was pushing a neoliberal turn in Mexico with actions like revising  Article 27 in Mexico's revolutionary constitution from 1917 which  protected native communal landholdings or ejidos from sale or  privatization. Anticipating the consequences the EZLN declared war on  the Mexican state on January 1, 1994 among other things to protest the  North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) implementation.
Since  then, they have been implementing their ideas of a world where many  worlds fit into self-organization on a daily basis and building  international solidarity networks. In 2021, the Zapatistas decided to  embark on a journey to reconquer Europe and meet with hundreds of  collectives from the left and below. Europe will only be the first stop  of a worldwide Journey for Life.
Following this call groups, collectives and individuals from different movements and organizations  all around Europe have united to organize the Journey for Life  (#LaGiraZapatistaVa). The political consensus of this organization  process is expressed in the common Declaration for Life. In Germany we  call us the Network of Rebellion (#NetzDerRebellion).
The Berlin Coordination has been organizing with great enthusiasm a welcoming  program that includes spaces for exchange amongst collectives and people  fighting for refugees and undocumented migrants rights, against police  and state repression, against megaprojects and extractivism, building  urban autonomic structures as well as resisting from the arts, to name a  few.
In the framework of their visit in company of indigenous  representatives from the Consejo Nacional Indígena (CNI) & Frente de  Pueblos en Defensa de la Tierra y el Agua (FDPTA) in Berlin, we are  calling to participate (in person and digitally) at the great march  against the capitalist death machine on Friday, October 8, accross  Berlin-Mitte.
In good old manner, we will start our reconquest by  boat landing at the Marschallbrücke / ARD-Hauptstadtstudio at 4:00 pm  to continue marching through the greedy heart of our beloved city to  Potsdamer Platz. Stops will include places where a few determine and  compromise the fate of the entire planet. We'll march fearlessly against  the lethal giants of Bayer-Monsanto, Deutsche Bahn and  Heckler&Koch, and many more.
Join the resistance!
More on:
Financial support welcome!
- Berin Coordination -
Konto: Zwischenzeit e.V. (gemeinnütziger Verein)
IBAN: DE91 4306 0967 0033 5767 00 / BIC: GENODEM1GLS
Stichwort: “Spende Delegation Zapatistas”
- GRK -
AND if you would like to support our local KIEZ media station:
GRK project at the Regenbogenfabrik, contact us at Podinski's email ( above ), and ask us how. We also now accept alternative currencies like CIRCLES.
Possible topics / guiding questions / analysis
More coming soon !
And send us any thougths or questions you have there...
We wish to create our "Kiez" media platform as a PARTICIPATORY node !
(( i )) - style.
in Soli,
The XLterrestrials
YOUR thoughts / inputs HERE >>>>                    
ep. no. 74 Whale Party Partei !
arrrrgh, that election really sucked ! 
kinda like we knew it would ;)
Sept.17 : What TIME is it ??!
19h CET - til late 
Regenbogen Cafe, semi-open until 23h
( tables outside )
Possible Topics:
Part 1
- Vandana Shiva on Bill Gates' Monopolies/Empires
( and a very controversial article that we will NOT link here, because we are still investigating its author, and assessing if it is information we are willing to defend + support )
- Superbooth 2021 at the FEZ Berlin
- Pi Radio and Radio Woltersdorf streams from Superbooth
- Nikolas Cruz at Funkhaus last weds. 
- Regenbogen Andy's Cafe Gespraech with Frans from the banned *Radikal* magazine ( streamed on sept. 16th ) 
Part 2
- new article from Daniel Pinchbeck on the Actual Climate War ! 
- Andreas Malm vs. Roy Scranton ( on Anthropocene issues )
- Fridays For Future is back ! Sept.24th is A BIg One !
- Stanislaw Lem 100th birthday !
( exhibition currently in Potsdam at Rechenzentrum )
- happy B Day K.Kino !!
- etc.
Do YOU have some topics for us to REPORT + DISCUSS
Add your NEWS here>>> 
Sept.10 72 : 
"5,000 ways to Kill a Landlord"
20h CET til c.midnite
We might get a late start 2day due to rain... and stuff.
- Report back from CK91
( clips + excerpts )
- LinaBraakeBank news
- 11.9 Mietenwahnsinn DEmo
- Zodiak program at HAU
- Vaccine mandates coming ??
( see articles )
- Climate news
- XLt now on Gitlab
- Sept. 11
 - the failed war on terror and everything else that was on the wrong track ( kinda like the pandemic eh? )
at Insel Der Jugend, Treptow
XLterrestrials present 
CiTiZEN KiNO ( #91) : “Re-embodied Music + Praxis“
In this episode we navigate a variety of films + clips about artists using music for social change, revolution, healing and/or cultures of resistance. As Fela Kuti once famously said from the epicenter of one of Nigeria’s brutal regimes, “Music is a weapon !“  Of course music can be many others things, but in our own severely troubled times with global-scale chaos unfolding, perhaps we could use some wild inspiration from those who have wielded their artistry and radical concepts as deeply engaged political action! This show is also our tribute to Ton Steine Scherben, the legendary anarchist rock collective, whose fierce art still permeates the movements for solidarity and autonomous zone cultures. 
CiTiZEN KiNO is a series of situationist-like interventions, an expanded cinema that mixes + hacks film, mass media, performance, social gatherings and the public sphere
at Insel Der Jugend, Treptow
( in the harbor, beside the foot of the bridge that leads to the island )
A collaboration with Unkraut Kollectiv’s Boat  
Start time is punctual !
20:30 - Intro to the C-KiNO project
21:00 - the main CK#91 playlist   
Donations welcomed !
Sept.3 71 : Re-embodied Musix + Poitics
19h CET
Cafe open until 23h
so if yur in Kberg, come stop by 
have a drink and support the KIEZ MEDIA !
Lots of possible topics, we will try to write more about here...
1. C-KINO has a new date scheduled with Unkraut Kollectiv
perhaps the last chance this year to experience guerilla KIno as open air cinema.... we will discuss our topic for the show: (Dis-)Embodied Music + Politics : A Tribute to Ton Steine Scherben
( Sept. 7 at Insel der Jugend, Treptow. 20:30h ( intro ) 21:00 film clips )
2. The Telegram Platform, and its owners Nikolai and Pavel Durov
an intro discussion. XLt perspectives, as newbies on the channel. 
3. Adam Tooze article+discussion on Nettime
Covid and the crisis of neo-liberalism
The Guardian, Thursday 2 Sep 2021
4. Climate Summit in Glasgow coming up... 
5. A report back from our Radical Fim Network experiences
6.etc, to be cont.
ADD your news + topic + music suggestions+links HERE >>>
We might decide to take a break with the GRK stream 2nite... and work and do research at the Radical Film Network 2nite instead... gonna play it by ear.
Check the full schedule HERE:
                                                                                                                                                                    Here is an interesting trailer for a film called Grief by Andrea Culkova .. who i think speaks 2day... and will be on our panel 2mrw.....
Aug 20
"The River of Creative Returns"
19h til Late ( CET )
We will discuss the Unkraut Kollevtiv in Btropolis, and our upcoming C-Kino collaboration with them on Thurs. Aug. 26th. 
And lots going on, so we will be posting more topics sooooooon !
We  are working on our CiTiZEN KiNO #91 ( Aug.26 ) - a tribute to TSS - and  just realized that today is Rio Reiser's todestag 20.8.96 ...
Some very fresh Musika being featured on 2nite's show:
Mark Stewart and the Pop Group "Y in Dub" 2021>>
                                                                                    Amy Denio Soundtrack Cunegonde Femme Crampon >>>
Also the incredible Lucha Amada has a fundraising 'kickstarter' to put out his 3rd benefit compilation ( for Zapatists and Rojava ) 
lucha amada
Aug 13
Friday the 13th special:
Stab in the Streaming Dark
19-24h CET Cafe/station semi-open for the public
chairs and tables and a speakerfeed of the LIVE show out on the terrace ( distance advised, warm friendly + embodied presence requested  )
with dj/xj Mobo Podo on the schnews and tunes and kiez strategies
A list of suggested topics coming sooon...
Fell free to add some of your own... got any really good news for a change !?
We got one unusual item, so far : 
1. Choriner 12 ! it looks like a HAUS in Pberg fought HARD for their rights to buy and control their own HOME... ( vorverkauf recht ) and the owner ( new buyer ) is conceding to their demands ( more or less ) ! LETS TALK ABOUT THAT !  Activism WORKS when appropriately + generously ;) + radically APPLIED ! 
your tales HERE >>>>
more good news:
2. Aug 26 Citizen Kino is coming back IN STyle !
A collaboration with the Unkraut Kollectiv, and amphibian version experiment on and and sea/see ... somehwere on the SPREE... location to be announced SOON.
Aug. 6 > GRK as yet untitled
 wild provocative ideas + radical news items welcomed !
 and LINKS for some freshy fresh summer groooves always appreciated too!
Add Your Bits HERE >>>>>
some possible items for 2nite:
- The Children of Line 3 ( Brian Holmes post on nettime )
about sci-fi writer KMS, the current pipelene protests in Minnesota, and a pretty ferocious climate activist + academic Andreas Malm
- Plastique Fantastique theater / installation piece at Haus Der Statistik this weekend called #StayOut
- Report back from the Circles Assembly + Market in Btropolis
- conversation on SlowTech list about Zuckerfucker + the "METAVERSE"
( also related to the Cyborg "Hype" + Disruptions the last couple decades )
- The EZLN + Zapatista EU Tour updates... 
- Music from A L'arme Festival. discussions on deep tech in music. "disembodied music"
- Upcoming bits on the Housing + Anti-gentrification struggles 
i.e. Kiez-Kundgebung 14.08 14h-20h in der Raumerstr, at Kiez Kultur
and a screening of Mietrebellen on 11.8 um 20h at Helmiplatz
- Corona Narratives - updates...
vaccine passports, bio-molecular borders, etc. 
Nasal Vaccines updates.  
30.Juli ~~ ~~ Art in the Age of Bio-Molecular Borders
19h CET start time, til ? ( we may end around 23h tonite for our own amusement rides ).
Some (possible ) topics
( for a lazy summer day )
- new music from acts performing this weekend at A L'Arme Festival in Radial System
-  The Current Thing
v.1 + v.2 out NOW:
- upcoming Housing Actions in Btropolis
and we got some killer stickers for the big Housing Action Day 11.9 2021...  So come by the cafe and get some, and stay for a beer or 2 :)
- XLT Bad Dreams analyzed live by our in-house multiple personalities
 - some OTHER stuff, we will maybe remember
23.Juli ~~ ~~ Economic Hoodoo
19h CET start time, til LATE.
Our GRK crew is busy with collaborations at the Lina Braake Bank project on Karl Marx Allee. On THURSDAY, July 22, dr. Podinski and Julio Linares ( from the CIRCLES Project ) will be presenting a discussion about MONEY, DEBT, POLITICS, HOUSING STRUGGLES, PSYCHOMAGIC and CULTURES OF RESISTANCE...
All welcome to join ! ( this is NOT a stream )
ON this friday's GRK show, we will continue discussing the conundrums + complexities of the MONEY themes... 
And Play lots of money+banking THEMED music TRACKS from the likes of Die Goldenen Zitronen, N.A.S.A., Public Enemy, Lyapis Trubetskoy, David Byrne, Negativeland,  Ton Steine Scherben, Die Incredible Herrengedeck, Pink Floyd ( covers ), etc...
Feel free to SUGGEST tracks on the theme !
We also have an amazing playlist gathered for our upcoming CiTiZEN KinO episode #90: Economic Voodoo ( Part 2 ) - Date TBA - like some incredible David Graeber lectures, excerpts from Lucio - The Film and Peter Watkins La Commune, Paris 1871... and Cryptopia - Bitcoin Blockchains And The Future Of The Internet  ( 2020 ) by Torsten Hoffmann  
If you would like a CK90 work-in-progress PLAYLIST, write to us at the contact at/near the Top of this PAD. 
And if ya got a second... PLEASE share the GRK URL + CHAOS PAD link to any of your comrades who appreciate TACTICAL MEDIA + KIEZ NEWS + GLOBALISTA MUSIK. thx !!
Your THOUGHTS, links and resources for the themes + sounds here >>>
16.Juli ~~ Ep.No.65 : Pay It All Back !
Title plundered from the brilliant On-U-Sound compilations.
We got a crazy batch of new stuff from archivist + Dj Herr Ungrund... 
Topics are being assembled.
Always too many things to babble about... it's picking which ones are the most urgent + radical is the tricky part.
We have a nice new arts+praxis meetup on weds. nites, so if u are in Btropolis, write us at podinski email, and we can let ya know where we are. we mention it here, b/c it is also a great place to assemble + bounce ideas for the GRK shows. So welcome to come help us create the content flows. 
Some topics:
The Anthropocene-themed show at TOP galerie in NK
Sven Kalden's Lina Braake Bank installation + events
( + new book called Patterns )
We are currently researching our current Financial Trainwrecks,  Debt and positive ( direct ) actions like Basic Income for an upcoming Citizen Kino #89: Economic Hoodoo Part 2... ( the sequel of a show we did several years ago, which included some things about Lucio Urtubia - the anarcho- "banker", counterfeiter. )
GRK book alert ! Was hoping to pick up a 2nd hand copy Graeber's 5000  Years of Debt...  But instead, found Marget Atwoods 2008 book "Payback" 
Interesting angles... with a storytelling writer's mastery...  for our C-Kino research for " Economic Hoodoo Part 2" ...  But we suspect this might have inspired Graeber to do his more... fighting-the-system +  radical- anarcho-antrhopo investigation into the same topic... and historical analysis...  a few years later. 
YOUR Suggestions, tips, stories, leaks, analysis HERE >>>
9.Juli ~~ ~~
Cultural Anxiety + The Evolution of (metaphorical) Monsters
well, we had technical problems last week, so there was NO STREAM, but things are back to full functioning.
So for themes and topics, we will be plundering stuff from our last 2 weeks which we didnt get to, cause we have mostly been spinning music for the outdoor visitors. But 2nite is supposed to be rainy, so a good nite to get into some topical materials... and get chatty, perhaps.
A guest artist, visiting from Copenhagen, might also drop in to tell us what is going on in her worlds.
 And we got some good news bits to add to the list:
 1. WHOA ! ... David Graeber's Music Library !!! ... ( 17839 tracks. You're  viewing the first of 744 pages. ). Thx to Nika Dubrovsky  for making  this available. This is the kind of ultimate archives treasure hunt that  all music-sharing anarcho-radio-pirate-heads will love... and make good  use of... ❤ .... expect to hear some of this on the next GRK 64... July 9th...
 2. "Cryptocurrencies’ dream of escaping the global financial system is crumbling " - Quinn Slobodian .... some interesting analysis...
 OR.. search for news on "cashless society".
 3. " Internet Speech Will Never Go Back to Normal"
 opps. isn't that kind of blatant china bashing propoganda a source for pointless conflict? sorry, but dear godess that article is just one terrible (erroneous) statement after another. not even fit for toilet paper. I really find the atlantic hard to put my finger on. Always feels like absolute lies peddled as absolute truth. or somesuch.
 4. Btropolis Artists take on the Antrhopocene Themes at TOP galerie in NK
 "Leviathan: A Capitalocene Beastiarium |"
 ( Note: artists talks on Sunday - 11.4 )
 Add some NEWS here >>>>
2.Juli ~~ ~~ (dis)embodied musik, sound + politics... cont.
We may start a bit late 2nite to visit the opening of the Lina Braake Bank project on Karl Marx Allee...
And we will be reporting on that later in the evening on the livestream around 21h CET
Lots of new musika too:
from Yat Kha, Pancho Balkanic Factory feat. Ben Dito, Cedrik Fermont ( remixed )... usw.
+ other possible news items:
1. Sound + Cellular research
2. Updates on the Kiez Resistance
Choriner12 and other houses fighting for their rights against the speculators
3. report back from last week"s demo/trauermrasch for Peter Hollinger, Kberg musician (rip)
4. Citizen Kino is back with a new program , tribute to Tone Steine Scherben
5. The Music of Jon Hassel ( rip ) and a rare interview describing his process and techniques and objectives... 4th world compositions
6. The life of synthesizer pioneer and sonic visionary Peter Zinovieff
( r.i.p )
Add your own topics and suggestions, links, resources
And if we get around to it... we will start posting GRK shows on this new events platform>
( created and recommended by SlowTech, Crypto Party and CCC comrades )
June25 ~~ ~~ Bodies in Exil ~~ 
2nite's GRK is a collaboration with Leute Fuer Meute... Regenbogen Cafe is Open for Soli Drinks, (some) Table and Chairs outside ( in the front and in teh Hof ) ... come by ... and support the Kiez Comrades ! Some funds will help support our Kiez Media Initiatives too. 
expect some brill XLt + Meute archives w/ dj Podinski Plus Plus
News + Discussion Items: 
1. C-KIno # 88: (dis-) Embodied Musik + Politik
( looking for venues and freiluft spots this summer to host us )
2. MietenWahnsinn Demo(s)
Add Your News + Suggestions +/or Musik links Here >>>
June 18
~~ GRK : Arts Alone aint Gonna Take No Tiger Mountains
( next levels of revolutionary praxis )
19h CET til late
Live aus der RegenbogenFabrik
all alien visitors weclome !
Topics coming soon !
Kiez news items:
0. + Fete de La Resistance
1. #Rigaer94 + #Fhain + Interkiezionale
2. Lauratibor protest oper ( + XLt analysis )
3. New Events announcement platform from Slow Tech + CCC :
4. new Director announced for HKW - Prof. Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, orig. from Cameroon
5. The 1st Zapatista delegation has landed in Portugal !  Follow more from the welcoming committee in DE : #NetzDerRebellion / 
Freundeskreis Videoclips
Unser Video: neues Netzwerk #NetzDerRebellion unterstützt Reise der rebellischen #Zapatistas in Deutschland Regionalgruppe Berlin vom "Netz der Rebellion" zur Organisierung der Reise erklärt #LaGiraZapatistaVA #EZLN #CNI #CIG #FPDTAMPT #NetzDerRebellion
Check out the new anti-survy-krapitalist platform for posting + seraching for events in Btropolis:
a new public service from Slow-Tech 
Got some KIEZ or Planetary news you want us to "BROADCAST" ...
post more bits HERE >>>>>
adding to the archive tomorrow´s demo: Marcha Lencha in Mexico City. June 19. 2021. Radio Cosmica Libre will be streaming the noise and voices from womxn in the demo and later live music w Chingona Sound from La Cañita. 
starting at 13 h (Mexico City Time)
June 11 
~~ GRK ep.60: die Strassen Ärtzte von Btropolis ... 
19h CET til  spÄt ! ... 
#tacticalmedia  + #FreeRadio + #streamscheiss + #alienpirates 
+ foto: Gustav Klimt Kebab
we will probably get a later start 2nite...
as we will stop by Heini Platz for the 
"Unser Platz" konzert 
Punk stuff
( and a bit of a protest  + kundgebung about whz some ppl are against the pltz being renamed after Rio Reiser from TSS.  ( renaming Now postponed )
and more topics to be discussed.
and plentz of TSS Music
If U have important alerts to announce,
Add HERE >>>>>
June 4
GRK ep. 59
Ferocious Cooks
19h (CET) til late
Btropolis is opening back up, slowly...
defintely not returning to any "normal" ... but... 
it's summertime, and the streets are sorta back
So we may have tables and chairs out front at Regenbogen to listen to teh Livestream... Not yet confirmed.
Topics being assembled:
- Wuhan Lab Theories
( the relgion of Big Science angle or the "progress trap" as D. Pinchbeck has framed it. )
- Ice Cream Swabs for Everyone ! the XLt theories
( the new rules of This is Not A Game )
- Gentrification stories : The Chroniner Spaeti
( and the call to cornering arms )
- Berlin Autofrei
- Universal Basic Insurrection
( Graeber's Debt book is 10 years old, new edition with a Picketty Forward  )
- Max Haiven + friends podcast series
The ReImagining Value Action Lab (RiVAL)
- Updates on Rio Reiser Platz, renaming postponed
- etc.
Feel free to add some!
the Choriner fight
Jonathan (ferocious) Cook:
on Wuhan theory
Interviews with Wu Ming One ( parts 1 + 2 )
Rio Reiser platz
May 28
Grk ep. 58 : A guide to the XLterrestrials and Psychomedia Analysis
19h CET til late
2nite on GRK, we are going back to our ROOTS ... discussing the mysterious origins of the XLterrestrials and the practices of psychomedia analysis....
and improving !
If YOU have any KIEZ news or alerts, interesting topics to cover ...
feed the GRK post box HERE >>>
( LINKS to good stories and big scoops always appreciated )
FEstival Jaqueer 2.0
from 24 May to 26 June. 
You can also propose activities by signing into the platform. 
Please note most of activities will be in Spanish. 
I also wanna invite to the talk/workshop: Blochain for Artists
as part of this festival. 
This is happening next Wednesday June 2nd, 7pm (Costa Rica Time)
info on the link above =)
to be cont.
May 21 
GRK ep. 57 : All Tomorrow's Neutral Technology
19h CET til late
19h music
22h kiez news, topics, analysis
24h unchartered muddy waters
1. Efficiency + Madness
( from Guattari )
Also the title of a downloadable + useful booklet from Tactical Tech
2.diesen sonntag, pfingstsonntag, 23.mai (in 3 tagen) 
13 uhr potsdamer platz:
grossdemo gegen mietenwahnsinn und ungedeckelte vertreibung
3. Palestine + Israel, the dreamtime resolutions...
that is the psychomagic solutions.
4. Btropolis in new Corona Summertime Blues + rules
Exberliner gives the breakdown in English
5. Tha Nasal Vaccines... 
updates, this not just a Finnish lab project now...
6. Ken Silverstein vs. Glenn Greenwald mess
7. Rushkoff on the (meltdown) digital climate
8. Activism works
Drugstore / Potse - youth center in Btropolis
was about to be evicted this week. The numbers in the streets for demos like TAG X ... has bought them a little more time.
And they have been offered a new space in the Templehofer Airport
( but nothing settled yet )
to be cont.
May 14
Grk : Oh the sweetness of engineered Efficiency + Madness !
19:00h CET
( mostly musik ? )
news, topics and announcements welcome ...
add Here:
1. Inspring text from J. Jordan  ( living the arts+praxis + cultures of resistance at the ZAD ) written for CTM Transmediale 2021: 
Sounds + Fury
2. Konrad Zuse and the 1st Computer
Dear unciv and arts + praxis friends...
On the 80th anniversary of the invention of the FIRST Computer in Berlin ( May 12, 1941 ):
As usual missing from this history of Konrad Zuse (  see below ) - the inventor of the 1st Turing-complete Rechner - perhaps the more important part of the story is that while being obsessed with a technological solution of creating a "mechanical  brain" ( as it is claimed: to do statistical work in aviation ) he utterly failed to take into account the situations he was living in: an industrialized + predatory + murderous society that was losing its humanity. 
Zuse was employed by the 3rd Reich, and was working towards creating the computational mechanisms of what would become guided missiles. Whether the story that he just wanted to  resolve the problem of boring calculations is real or made up to  obscure these origins of computing as wartime goals is hard to determine. But there is at least one academic who has written critical papers on Zuse, but they are not going to be published ( in FAZ ) on the 80th anniversary... I will try and come back another time to post some links. In short, the more    important angle or questions:
A. Was Zuse a soulless idiot Nazi collaborator, and not a genius pioneer !?
B. If the origins of computing is designed for WEAPONRY, how should that understanding effect our relationships to our machines today ?             
C. And now,  are the dominant technological environments we are so deeply immersed in the fruitful MIC gardens of ever more Efficiency and Madness ?!
From feel free to read between the lines :   
 " Wie Konrad Zuse vor 80 Jahren in Berlin den Computer erfand" 
( if needed, please use Deep L or other translator )
Tonight on GRK..., 56: Oh, the sweetness of engineered Efficiency + Madness !
XLterrestrial rants will begin around 21h CET
appropriate music starts at 19h...
+ after midnite: unchartered waters
May 7
19h CET until ? 
We will be revisiting some of the topics we didnt speak about last week, PLUS new stuff 
- 1.Mai recap
- marc garret on situationism
- pinchbeck on ART now
- OThercinema show on Mayday history, incl. new Submedia TV 
- wealth distribution
( taz article re: 1. Mai )
- ( Spati in Pberg under threat )
- degrowth
- UBI themes revisited
article for and against by Leah Gazan
and john Clarke
John Clarke:
- chomsky +
may 71
( democracy now )
What happened on May 1st 1987 in Btropolis
( the regenbogen blog txt )
with video reportage from 1987 re: SO36, the district + the revolt
Globalista News Items:
Good stuff from Shoshana Zuboff yestrday... a summary of the #InternetOfDonuts ??
The news from the resistance + uprising in Colombia
Spotify patents new speech recognition tool and 180 musicians + human rights orgs take a stand
to be cont.
+ ( possible ) NEW Musika from the XLT archives
- Omniversal Earkastra - Le Mali 70
- Pastor Leumond - the remixes
- new Mouse on Mars
- new Der Plan
and concert news:
Abwarts Live(stream ) in So36 - May 13?
April 30
19h CET until ?
seems like a good time to chat serious about 1.Mai and Revolutionary Struggles...
Some topics below
1. WHat's ON for 1.Mai in Btropolis 
LOTS ! See:
2. Tricontinental newletter
Vijay Prashad + crew on DDR histories:
the series from Internationale Forschungsstelle DDR (IF DDR) based in Berlin. Part 1:
3. Walpurgis Nacht
( history )
+ Take Back The Night Demo am Spreewaldplatz (30.4 )
4.a. C19 news:
-India crisis 
-Fuck Patented Vaccines ! 
the Salon article re: Gates 
4.b.- The #AllesDichtMachen Media Mess
XLt analysis
5. Chomsky re: DeGrowth 
Via Labor Activist in SF Bay Tom Wetzel
via Patrice Riemens
Jason Hickel' s book "Less is More" (2021) just published in Italy under the title  (translated) 'We've still (just enough) time, how a new economy can save  the planet'    
6. Bob Fass and Revolutionary + "Unnameable" Radio
Radio as a tool of the revolution in the 60s, 70s... 
and Now ?
more tales of radio pioneer :
7. Daniel Pinchbeck newsletter now on Substack
interesting analysis on
"What Happened to Art?"
( and the disruptive digital environments fx on culture and consciousness )
( note: u can read this article without subscribing )
8. Nachrichten via 
The Freien ArbeiterInnen-Union ( FAU ) is an anarcho-syndicalist federation of labour unions.
9. ?
to be cont.
April 23 53
19:00 CET til Late
Livestreams only.
aus der Regenbogen Cafe
music til 21h with Dj Podinski
and then discussion + themes
special guests ?
topics work-in-progress
 - on JUNE 22nd, Heinrichplatz in O-strasse ( Kberg ) will be renamed Rio Reiser Platz ...  and this year also marks the 50th anniversary of Ton Steine Scherben, one of DE's most influential and political bands, and with a very Berlin aura + ongoing presence in the activist + anarchist milleue !
- a discussion about the relation between art (especially       music/lyrics/poetry) and politics. 
with TintenWolf + Anderersaits
+live musik?
- Housing + Mietendeckel updates
Kisch + Co., etc.
- Chauvin trial + police terror ( in the U.S. )
Jello Biafra"s post on it
- 1.Mai perspectives
- Corona + testing + gatekeeping + profiteering from the crisis... 
sorry but we might have to rant about Bill Gates in serious detail here. ( the new Hagiographic B.Gates doc on Netflix, made by the director of The Inconvenient Truth. )
+ the "Society of Control " solutions ... 
or the other routes to keeping people healthy and safe and well-cared for
- The Pink Cloud ( 2021... written in 2017, pre-corona )
Brasil sci-fi film
- to be cont. 
Investigating Bill Gates:
re: vaccines
India + Modi
How the Gates Foundation’s Investments Are Undermining Its Own Good Works - Its vast holdings in the fossil fuel and arms industries subvert the foundation’s battle against disease and poverty.
by Charles Pillar
Democracy Now 2007
investigates Gates
April 16
!9:00 CET til LATE
Livestreams only.
aus der Regenbogen
Our title and list of topics comming soon:
So far:
1. Updates on the Pandemic regulations in DE
and the impacts on Cultural Events
i.e. this article about the Senat der Kultur, Klaus Lederer
2. The whistleblower at Facebook
Sophie Zhang
3. the New Besetzen Actions in Btropolis
4. Spring is almost here, What's up with Climate Actions ?!
5. 15.4 - Riesenproteste am Hermannplatz/Kottbusser Damm, nachdem der Mietendeckel für verfassungswidrig erklärt wurde. Huge protests after Rent Cap declared unconstitutional. #b1504
6. Updates on rent and housing struggles, and upcoming actions and demos. i.e. Regenbogenfabrik discusses with POTSE and DRUGSTORE 
7. Racial Capitalism - and the origins of police as enforcers of slavery ( from current discussions on Nettime )  
8. XLterrestrials are back ! at least, as a guest blog... 
talking about the possible new formats for KIEZ MEDIA ( part 1 )
Discussion on SUNDAY w/ Rbgen
"Potse & Drugstore"
Geschichte(n) radikaler, selbstverwalteter Jugendarbeit
So., 18.4.21 | 17:00 Uhr | live aus dem RegenbogenCafé
more to come ! 
Got some news for us ??!
RCL will be covering tomorrow´s event in Mexico City against political incarcelation (not sure i translated that well) We will be at Okupa Che. Here is more info about the event:
April 9
!9:00 CET til LATE
Livestreams only.
aus der Regenbogenfabrik
Topics being assembled...
In the meantime we are boosting our GRK Musika library with an arsenal of fresh bits and legendary underground archives...
( recommendations, and donations to purchase stuff for the archives on Bandcamp FRidays always welcome ... ask us how u can help ! )
GRK Archives Alert - Part 1 : Thx in part to a couple GRK comrades who  like to hunt for stuff for the archives... Some cool new batches of  musika coming for the upcoming GRK shows. Next LIVE date: APRIL 9 : 1.  Too Much Future - a DDR punk compilation from 
Henryk Gericke  (2020) 2. Magnetbanduntergrund DRR 1979-1990 von Alexander Pehlemann und Ronald Galenya ( 2015 Zonic Label ) 3. Amiga - Die 100 Besten Ost Songs ( Radio Eins/ RBB / Sony  2019 ) 4. Snakefinger - Who Do You Love - B-Sides & Rarities - (  2020 SecretRecords ) 5. The Cardiacs ( entire catalogue? ) 6. Pastor  Leumond  - Remixes ( 2021) 7. Rodion G.A. - ( full catalogue, incl. The  Lost Tapes ) 8. WWW-Neurobeat with  Ondrej Sifon Andera ( the full catalogue) + more to come !
GRK hyper-modern molecular teratology
- Teratology ( and the early XLterrestrials )
- Vaccine Passports + a 2 tiered society (again!)
- limited hangout, Unlimited Hangout ( reports )
- Vitamin D - Jonathan Cook
- The Cutting Up Of Afrika (1884-85 Berlin Conference aka the Congo Conference organized by Otto von Bismarck) 
- FAU Berlin - management and NS history of labor divisions
- Micro-plastics, Hormones and Xenopolitics
to be cont. 
April 2 GRK ep.50: 
Brain Wreck on The Beach of The Machine 
!9:00 CET til late
Livestreams only
Topics will start later 2nite...
after 21h.... first some musika !
And possibly a music guest aus Colombia later....
and who knows what else...
this is improv LIVE KIEZ radio
Topics + Music:
- St Stupid's Day in SF
- Pranks
- Regenbogen interview with Peng! 
( die Deutsche Yes Men )
a new book by co-founder, artist, activist, clown Jean Peters
»Wenn die Hoffnung stirbt, geht’s trotzdem weiter«
- #41
a. yesterday was Einsturzende Neubauten's 41st Birthday
b. Pyramid Club in the lower east side close down after 41 years...
c. there was a 3rd 41, but i forgot.
( maybe i will remember by the night's end )
d. Aha, oh yeah the 3rd #41 was the 41st St Stupid"s Day Parade ( on Ka-Zoom ! ) ... coincidence !?
- " Your Brain Is Not A Computer " - by Robert Epstein
Anxiety over the climate crisis is spreading like wildfire.
Psychologists are just starting to figure out: what is a good
to be cont.
26.3 GRK ep.49: The KIEZ is ALIVE with the sound of ANTI-MUZAK
( + OUR Next Moves ! )
possible topics
- the Next Moves for Meuterei + Kiez  
- Housing Action Day + Mietewahnsinn 27.3
- soli for Pablo Hasel
- the "Linux Vaccine"
- Money Labs
Meuterei resources:
to be cont.
March 19
Grk : 
The Empire Never Ended ... ( or Solidarity is NOT Theory )
( poster image on Frackybook, Twitter @ podrescu,  and Wire group )
FREE RADIO BEER for the 1st person who can guess who painted this MASTERPIECE ! 
Themes, Topics, Rants are being gathered : 
- Defending Meuterei + KiezKultur
( 25.3 is eviction date )
- Kundgebung at BAIZ for Meurteri 20.3
- annalee newitz critique of Substack
- Taz prints up a Corona Facts mini-paper
- Field Notes on Freie Szene, Freier Fall from Initiative Neue Musik Berlin E.V.
- Live Music Concerts ?
- Demo for Catalan Rapper Pablo Hasel in Btropolis, 18.3
- May 18th Tag der Politischen Gefangenen
- more on Adam Curtis and revisiting "new left ideas"
- Whats up with GDPR and the state of Survy Krapitalism these days !?
- Disruption Lab program on Whistelblowers in Covid times, and screening Ai Wei Wei new Coronation film
- 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune ( March 18th )
( see PM Press, Voices of The Paris Commune )
- etc.
- to be cont.
March 12
GRK ep.n0.47 : Outside the Zones
with special guests Dennis + + Maria + + Julio ... 
The Foundry (
Freeing Space (, not there yet)
possible Topics :
- Out of the Zones
The Foundry and other autonomous + collective land projects
- Zapatistas EU Tour
- mapping the outsides
- alt. currencies, economies for humans
- moneylabs
- pirate care
- rebel cities, reclaiming, municipalities restructured for sustainable cultures
- Deutschewohnen Enteignen
- Kiez Spaziergang 
- 40th anniversary of Regenbogenfabrik 
to be cont.
*Zones + Outsides
references to:
Stalker + "Roadside Picnic" book, Cacaphony Society experiments, Keller Easterling's "Extrastatecraft" book and various trade zone descriptions, Andrei Codrescu's "Disappearance of The Outside", Escape The Overcode by Brian Holmes, and Interzones by W.S. Burroughs. T.A.Z by Hakim Bey...
YOUR - MORE - thoughts for GRK ep47 HERE >>>>
M. Benjamin:
Gira Zapatista
#SamirVive (
Art as a Trojan horse (rambling – somewhat structured, but possible rambling might ensue.)
Confirmed ^ - m. 
Also joining :
Julio from
ramblings welcome :)
on Codrescu:
audio lecture from 1990 ( and funny ):
Soli for all our feminist comrades out in the streets 2morw M8 ... and Radio Cosmica Libre in Mexico City streaming 9am CST.... Let's take down the bullshit patriarchies one by one !
GRK *MIGHT* relay stream from Btropolis at 16h CET... 
GRK > Yes We Are Not Open 
( an actual store front window sign ) 
with special guests Julio Linares 
from Circles, a direct action UBI initiative, and community currency
and ? ... YOU ?
topics list coming soon.
+ musica
incl. our ongoing exchanges with Radio Cosmica Libre
Possible Topics:
- Universal Basic Interventions
- Solar Punks revisited
- Adam Curtis CGYOOMH ( spoilers )
- Umsonstladen
+ closed+canceled kultur spaces
- Regenbogen gentrification series (recap )
- Myanmar solidarity project
+ Syphre label ( on bandcamp )
- Mars Sucks ! ( the Atlantic article )
+ the XLt theories of space migration
- Lawrence Ferhlinghetti (rip) and the Beat Generation
- Hamster Cage Complex 
- Coronation ( not just a film by Ai wei wei )
- GRK is 1 YEAR OLD !
- etc.
Add your own: 
26.02 ... GRK starting LATER 2nite at 20h CET
GRK ep.45:
19h CET til late
title + topics coming soon.
GRK episode v.44
"Gargantuan Creatures Of Mobilized Culture In The Streets"
19:00h CET 
until ? late
Livestream (only)
with special guests: J + X
- Small Kiez Businesses in Corona Times
( interviews )
-Adam Curtis new 6-part doc collage
-Regenbogen ( Verdraengung ) Series
-Wagenplatz Demo 20.2
-New Mobilizations
-New Ideas for Toppling A Dead System
-Dissent is NOT OVER b/c Corona
-Jodorowsky at 92
-Eco Strategies vs. Billionaire’s Moonshots
-The Hanau Murders, 1 year ago 2day.
+ A toast to all the aquarians, last call for water bearers in 2021, Yes we are celebrating them a day late.  
As one of the possible topics is the new Adam Curtis doc series...    And if you want to have a look, it is all available here:
( It's 8 hours total , ooof )
Here are 2 interviews with AC, one zoom ( recent), and one text from 2019.
Western Culture: Death & Rebirth, with Richard Tarnas
"video unavailable"
the Archives below...
BUT anything you want to add 
best to keep it chronological... 
so post YOUR most recent news + notes + resources HERE:
FEB 12 : GRK episode v.43 : 
Livelihood Factor X (Part 1) 
We take on the topic that has been under our skin for the last couple  decades, at least ?? ... surviving as autonomous beings + cultural creatives in the corporate krapitalist colonies.
!9h - 23h CET
more info coming soon !
RE-streaming REgenbogenfabrik stream
Viele Mieter*innen und Gewerbe wurden verdrängt, unzählige weitere sind bedroht. Selbst im Pandemie-Winter werden Menschen zwangsgeräumt. Morgen #b0902 sprechen wir darüber mit 
. 20:00 cet
 3 Groups respresenting
 if yur on twitter, show yur support:
 ( sprechen wir darüber mit ) 
Friday Nites in FEBRUARY - from The RegenbogenFabrik Cafe
19:00 - 23:00h CET
GRK - Part 1 of 4 :
"Our Btropolis, Beneath The Street"
A mix of music, anarchic gardens and stories about the cultures       of resistance in the 36-Kiez, with special Rainbow guests.
Chaos Pad Notes + Public Chatroom :
Interviews in Eng.+ some DE
Here"s a book + book review about the Situationist slogan referenced in our title, from May 1968: "Sous les paves, la plage!" ("Under the pavement, the beach!)
It's bandcamp fridays, where all yur funds go to the artists...
here some of our recommendations ( and purchases, yikes, we went over Budget 2day ) :
KIEZ ALERT! 2.2.2021
For anyone interested in the local Kiez + gentrification + housing  struggles, RegenbogenFabrik is hosting a 4 part STREAM series every TUES in  FEB. Starting 2nite at 20h CET ( probably all in DE )... PLz Feel  free to share with any comrades ( + indy media types ) who have time for  these issues. On BBButton and Radio ( stream ).
02.02.21 // 20 Uhr auf
with guests from #syndikatlebt, #kischundco und der #Meuterei
More Info:
Friday 29.1
ep.40 : The Un-EZ-Re-set
or the Winter/Summer of SOUL + Resistance
(with a little bit of news about + mixes from Questlove aka Ahmir Thompson )
until ?
from Rbogenfabrik
more news on that show soon !
ep.40 Topics:
Adding some topics for GRK ep.40 2nite.... nothing super in-depth, no  time for that as usual.... but stuff people should research themselves  in more depth... and let us know what ya think:
1. Summer of Soul documentary ( 2021 ) ... fascinating look into the racism ( in  media ). one angle. why was this harlem cultural festival never  televised, and only came to light 50 years later.
2. Gamestop story: The People Vs. Wallstreet ?... there is news coming out about the unsavory funders of  Robinhood app, ie. one being jared kushner's Brother ?!! is this  another kind of "staged insurrection" ?... as one angle to consider. For  purposes of controlling and reigning in the net, with new regulations  ?!
3. Bertolt Brecht's essay on The Radio As An Apparatus Of Communication  (1932 ) - astounding to revisit and think about NOW in the digital era  !!!  In Eng. :
4. Robots + Labor ( via K. - if s/he doesnt mind )... Humans Need Not Apply...
request for next episode: 1-speed fuckin' bike: (plus the other 3 albums on that page) (note: bandcamp albums can be downloaded using ...)
Friday 22.1 
LIVE GRK TONITE from a new KIEZ base station from 19-23h ... Regenbogen KIno.
Topics are being assembled, but it may turn into a very easy going  program with mostly musika.... 
( some fresh stuff received from Radio  Cosmica in an ongoing exchange ) check the chaos pad (2morw, day of ) for updates + notes.
to be cont.
GRK ep.39 IT's NOT Fine !
Possible topics:
- KieZ Tour
- EZLN Tour
- US (s)election Relief ? Sill Not Fine 
( we will try not to be toooo cynical )
- the Bernie Meme
- Nettime thread - The Left needs a new strategy
- Kultur in Grundgesetz ( petition )
- Housing Struggles ( an upcoming series from the RegenbogenFabrik team in Feb. on Tues. Nites )
- Hermannstr. 48
- Regulating and/or breaking up the Platform Beasts ( and the free speech debacle, re deplatforming white supremacists + fascists, and the potential fallout ... for the LEFT )
- MF Doom on the Dem's inagural Sponge-i-fy playlist ! WTF !?
- Jodorowsky on a shamanic Zoom chat with Israeli kultur activists dealing with conflict ( and apartheid ).  
- The Tricontinetal Newsletter from Vijay Prashad
My Wish Is That You Win This Fight for Truth: The Third Newsletter (2021)
- etc.
and Possible special guest fom the global Btropolis south - wilmersdorf ;)
and Musika exchanges cont. from Radio Cosmica !
Solidarity Alert:
Radio Cosmica and GRK are doing musical exchanges...
and 2nite - c. 20:00 (CET) until ??
they have their show HERE:                                                                               
Note:  this link only works when they are livestreaming...  
Archive may get posted elsehwere, will post link when i know where.
this is our archive=
and our SM
maybe here:
1.13 LIVE NOW !
Please NOte: 
2nite's Interviews are postponed ( probably til Feb )
GRK ep.38 : Escape from Krapula - make your own autonomous zones
 live 20-23h ... 
 With special guest(s) Dennis Schep via The Foundry in Galicia ( read more below )... and perhaps other playful and troublemaking rural and/or urban and/or sea-faring otthers ?
 Themes to riff of:
 Syncronistically, the GRK had a similar idea as the Zapatista communities ... to go on a "TOUR" ... in the midst of the pandemonia ... 
 Another topic:
 Great post about how taiwan is dealing as a community ( building  democracy togther ) with C19, and  from what looks like their very young Digital Minister-in ... ( will try  and grab an eng translation later ) ... good thing to add to our topics  for GRK 2mrw....
 Another topic:
 NYT has a buzzy new piece about how Tim Berners Lee thinks its time to make ANOTHER internet... cause u know what we really need now is more cyber turd stew :)