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Live tactical "radio" on the interwebz 
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*** NEW ***
Friday Nite LIVEstreams, 19h (CET) til late
from Regenbogenfabrik e.V. / Cafe + Kino
Lausitzer Straße 22 in Kreuzberg
( Note: you will only hear the radio when we are streaming LIVE, otherwise there is NO SOUND ) ... OR the sound of rain in a forest *new* :) ...  And sorry we are not currently making archives available. Our goal is  to create a live REALTIME interactive medium / channel. But we may  decide to make *some* past shows avalable in the future.
May 27
Anthropocene vs. Zivilisationsfrage
19h CET start ( til late ) at Regenbogen Cafe
Lausitzer Straße 22 in Kreuzberg
see new GRK2 pad for details...
MAY 20
Note: will not be at regenbogen cafe, due to another event needing the space... 
plans for this friday's show is not clear.
more updates soon.
May 13
GRK ep. no.106 "Dr.Westlove, or how i stopped worrying and learned to love anmnesia westerns "
19h CET til late
Musika + Topics....
- a critique of Nettime's "UKR irregular linklist"... and a few links of our own:
- "Why I Can't Wave a Ukrainian Flag – A Dissenting Teach-In on Russia's
Invasion" by Daniel Herman 
- Jurgen Habermas from Suddeutsche Zeitung from April 29
now excavated from SZ paywall, and available in Eng:
War and Indignation. The West’s Red Line Dilemma
( in SZ : Krieg und Empörung )
GRK Alerts>
2 interesting punks show 2nite May 12th:
May 6
GRK "by the skin of our teeth"
19h CET til late
Cafe is open from 19h.
+ Musika
1. Xjazz Festival Berlin May 4-8
2. Chris Watson at Alte Munze ( talk on may 7 )
3. Boring Machines, Ital.label
4. Superbooth
5. Nettime on the addiction of social media
8. the patriarchal atrocities
9. + WW3 - the XLt analysis ;)
10. A *not so neutral* take on the the Wartime debates       going on in DE...
with LINKS to a couple Open letters making the rounds.
This one that Emma ( feminist magazine from Alice Schwarzer ) is interesting to read and analyze the hysterical backlash that attacked it... reading the original ... it is very level-headed. The responses seem a little ridiculous and overboard. 
news + Alerts
add your topics here>>
April 29
19h CET start time...
Cafe is open ab 19h
+ Musika:
1. Miss Read Buch Messe at HKW
Berlin Art Book Festival 2022
April 29 – May 1, 2022
this year w/ a focus on publishers from Afrika
2.Eugene Hutz - UKr / NYC musician
from Gogol Bordello
does an odd tribute song for Zelensky
( XLT analysis required ! )
3. The intellectual No Fly Zone
censorship article via Mint Press news
April 22
is earthday !
NO STREAM 2day !
We've decided to take a break from the stream this week !
But here below are a few things we would probaly want to discuss:
2. Covid news resources:
Vinay Prasad, MD MPH 
Medicine Oncology Science Policy Academic Pubs 
Clips on YouTube  Books EMR & Malignant Prof 
This was Vinay's statement very early on in the controversies + debates of Covid19... April 27, 2020
new pages for 
Gonzalo Lira, ( from California? Chilean ? ) after "disappearing" for a few days in Kharkiv...
an odd case... we are not promoting ... we are not for or against...
just examining an ODD media specimen.
live stream:
new twitter:
Gonzalo Lira
doing the stream with Gonzalo is Richard Medhurst ( w/ page on Tgram, 8000 subscribers ) ... not bad stuff ... impression upon first view.  
April 15
GRK ep.103
19h CET til ?
there's certianly alot of topics.... 
but perhaps we might just take refuge in the musika
perhaps some Urschrei Therapy 
if yur still trying to assess the complexities and greyzones of the new HOT PROXY WAR in UKR, this post is pretty fascnating ... and maybe even a must read:
+ the longer version
( this top LINK was posted 2 days ago on the Radical Film Network ( RFN ) list which is not usually about politics without being related to FILMS. We are not familiar with "Swiss Standpoint" ( independent ) and this is an interview with Jacques Baud, who says he worked with the FDFA [Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs]  and worked in Swiss strategic Intelligence and NATO ... it seems like incredibly clear information ... with alot of military details about the regions and conflicts  )
Here is Two Hours of Similar from Scott Ritter
GRK ep.101
19h CET til late
We are still postponing our 100 episodes celebration at a larger venue, perhaps the last weekend in April. 
But 2nite we re-open the Cafe, and the public is welcome to come enjoy the show LIVE...
New C19 rules. no checks / no scans ( in fact it is now illegal for public places to require i.d.s ) ... but masks ( and distance bewteen tables ) are still encouraged at Regenbogen ! 
All proceeds support the regenbogen, and xtra donations welcomed for our GRK/XLT media projects ... 
so feel free to share with all friendly comrades.
Come visit us at the tactical media pop-up studio !
Tonite's TOPICS:
more coming soon.
1. Vijay Prashad's UKr analysis:
2. Yuval Noah Harari "vs." Rutger Bregman: YES Online Conversations
(2021) - a fascinating "debate" between " Humankind" and " Sapiens :
two contrasting historian/futurist postions > represeting > a practical + collaborative utopia vs. a grim manufactured dystopia ??
3. 1000 scientists protested in over 25 countries, in civil disobedience against climate fuckery and inaction ! 
( The response in Los Angeles to arrest FOUR scientists was particularly INSANE ! )
4. Social Dissonance - new book by Mattin, and the event series from School of Sound at Acud -
Book recommended by commenter:
Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin 
>> Some critiques of Snyder, interesting as he may be, IS a "YALE-groomed" U.S.-based historian...
His view was questioned by Marlene Laruelle, Research Professor at The George Washington University:
Contrary to [Snyder's] claims, the Kremlin does not live in an ideological world inspired by Nazi Germany, but in one in which the Yalta decades, the Gorbachev-Yeltsin years, and the collapse of the Soviet Union still constitute the main historical referents and traumas.[34] 
NYT, Apr 12th:
A month of terror in Bucha
A mother killed by a sniper while walking with her family to fetch a thermos of tea. A woman held as a sex slave, naked except for a fur coat and locked in a potato cellar before being executed. Two sisters dead in their home, their bodies left slumped on the floor for weeks.
These are the scenes documented by Times reporters and photographers who spent more than a week in Bucha, the city on Kyiv’s outskirts that was occupied by Russian troops for a month.
The evidence suggests the Russians killed recklessly and sometimes sadistically, in part out of revenge. When a defeated and demoralized Russian Army finally retreated from Bucha, it left behind a grim tableau: bodies of dead civilians strewn on streets, in basements and in backyards, many with gunshot wounds to their heads, some with their hands tied behind their backs.
Quotable: “They shot everything,” said Anatoly Rodchenko, a retired high school physics teacher. “They shot at houses. They shot a woman on the street. They shot at dogs.”
not saying NO atrocities are happening... 
But NYT is probably about as ONE-sided ( and state-aligned ) as RT when it comes to describing a war situation. The US has big stakes + agenda in this game apparently, so one should be extremely cautious about how NYT portrays anything about this conflict ! Important to remember how they have covered other wars like Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, etc. ! ( Full of misinformation ) !
___________________________________________________________________ end
April 1st
no joke !
*** Our 100th EPISODE ***
live stream aus der Regenbogen Fabrik
19:00h (CET) til ? late
So we are assembling some special occasion(s) celebrating our slave to the not-so-funny rhythm ... 
A more public event will be happening the following weekend - possibly at Moos Fabrik - for the *101th* episode. 
But meanwhile we are inviting all our beautiful comrades who have contributed and supported us these last 2 troubling years... to stop in and drink some bubbly with us at teh Rbogen...
And for anyone who has got some important alerts/ announcements to share you are always welcome to drop in and take the MIC during the friday shows... we are an outpost for Radikal KIEZ news ... along with our strange XLterrestrials analysis... and always killer Musica from the XLT ARCHIVES. Always collecting the good Bits, and weclome to share what's on your radio / music radar with us...
Read this morning there is a new Red Hot Chili Peppers album out... 
Delta 5 - See The Whirl ( 1981 )
Au Pairs - Sense and Sensuality (1982 )
Sudden Infant - Buddhist Nihilist ( 2018 )
+ Wölfli's Nightmare ( 2014 ) +  +
Steven Jesse Bernstein - Prison ( 2011 )
GRK ALERT >> April 1st - No Joke ! *** Our 100th EPISODE *** live stream aus Btropolis 19h CET til ? late... Turning the world leftsides up, since A.C.19 #freeradio #kieznews #widerstandskultur #antiOligarchs #NoNations #StepAcrossTheBorders >> Tune In:
on twitter:
Your INPUTS here>
_______________________________________________________ !!!
March 25:
( we are not sure about 2nite's program, as we have allowed soem comrades to use the Rbogen space , and do not know if we will have a stream location 2nite )
In local KIEZ news ... 2 years since Meuterei's eviction... Event / Kundgebung ... 2day at their former location in Reichenbergerstr still boarded up and unused... ( and after at Rbgen Cafe supposedly ) ...
March 18:
19h CET til ? late
GRK ep. 98:
Eastblock: the Interzones, between the Occupiers !
Xlt archives of Ostblock Musika
mit dj Podo Zsupo
( incl. Yuri Gurzhi - Rotfront - compilations 
i.e.Borsch Division )
And possible special guests to share some musika from the East Interzones 
While there's a ton of themes for XLT analysis, we may go easy, and stick to the musical territories... but we will have to play it by ear. 
AND we return to the RegenbogenFabrik after some weeks absence.
Feel free to drop by, if yur in the Kiez !
If you want some interesting analysis of the UKR situations, we recommend the threads on Nettime. It got a little heated over there !
And if you want to join the XLT on Tgram,
write us an email, and if you arent someone we havent met IRL, we might ask you a bit about what you are doing for other possible worlds.  
GRK 97:
Soli 4 UKr via CDPV
( club der polnischen versager )
the band Stan Zawieszenia ( State of Suspense )
PL ballads, Lieder, covers, etc.
5 or 6 member ensemble
And perhaps after we will chat w. the Btropolis polish community to hear what expletives they have for the Putin Gang...
Links for analysis, perspectives, actions, solidarity:
March 4
War, What Is It Good For ?!
A **Solidarity Days** special stream 
from the Moos Fabrik
starting at 16:00h CET til ? late
More info on the event:
We will try and give an overview of the weekend contents...
and we will be set up in the caravan/ wagen in the Moos Hof, next to the circus tent and the fire pit.  And we are open for people to drop in and chat with us, and tell us what they are up to help build the solidarity networks. 
The XLterrestrials we also do a PechaKucha ( sometime between 19-22 ) in the new Saal space. Our theme for that is :
**Soli Media Activism in the times of a cybernetic regime + Guineapigdom 
So 20 slides x 20 sec per shot
(slightly longer than a lightning talk)
 to explain media activism + strategies NOW... . ... 
The XLT will run thru a quick flyby about the silly things we have gotten ourselves into in order to try and give alien analysis and a community voice in the perpetual storms of krapitalism, oiligrachy and ecocide  ! ... To do that we will try to provide a glimpse of techno-colonialism and the exacerbated social dilemmas immersed in the cybernetic regimes + guineapigdom. That is to say, both the mediated and terrestrial landscapes are deeply fucked ! And yet we can and must orgnize oursleves and our communities to build islands of solidarity and maybe even whole revolutions, should they not be severed and crushed prematurely by the ubiquitous control society. That is to say we currently exist as pirates + rebel art organisms up shit creek without a secure paddle, but alas we will hunt for and hack our way out of the labyrinths of predatory technodystopias and unite to build bridges to Other possible worlds !
During the GRK stream, we will obviously try and expand on this idea of how to use the over-mediated landscapes in these complex and entangled times.
Your thoughts, themes,ideas, resources
Add HERE >>>
Another old white man has started a war in Europe.  Global shellfishness quota pegging unbearable.
one could argue that this latest war of krapitalism and oligarchs started along time ago. US empire + NATO meddling played a significant part as aggressors in this new disturbing conflict !
Note: there is also a group doing a digital mirror (presumably audio+visual ) of the events here:
We are taking a break THIS WEEK ( 18.2 )
BUT will return on FEB25th for a special collaboration with the * LIVING SOLIDARITY DAYS* conference/event at the Moos Fabrik Space.
See more info here:
And more streams from new spaces in March !
i.e. the Polish Kultur Klub
19:00h CET start time
Possible Futures Unwritten !
We continue this week with more from Franko Berardi's (aka Bifo ) incredible ( Pandemic ) analysis in The Third Unconscious ...
( the autistic times of the viral info+psycho-spheres )
For more from last week, scroll down for a few notes...
and the book is downloadable here:
Here's the Epub downloadable version, if anyone interested ...
... and always killer soundtracks for the Possible Futures Unwritten !
2nite w/ special guest dj Cat-o-tonic !...
more Topics ?
coming soon.
Got some musik or topic suggestions.... 
>>> Add here:
Antifa alert!!! 
Newest neo-Nazi weapons: truck fog horns and clouds of diesel exhaust, oh my!
is that the same Guardian that continues to bash jeremy corbyn at every opportunity ? i would look for better sources of information !
19:00h CET start time
GRK ** The Psycho-Sphere in The Viral Age **
with dj Podo Zsupo
1. The Third Conciousness - The Psycho-Sphere in The Viral Age
by Franco “Bifo” Berardi ...  
the founder of the pirate radio station Radio Alice in 1976. One of the most prominent members of the Italian movement Autonomia, Berardi worked closely with the French psychoanalyst Félix Guattari throughout the 1980s. Since the early 1990s, much of his theoretical work has focused on the relationship between psychopathology, information technology and capitalism.
Here's the Epub downloadable version, if anyone interested ...
The first chapter begins brilliantly with the collaboration that never really happened between William Burroughs, PK Dick and Ridley Scott...  "Blade Runner" was the title that Scott and his hired hacks slapped onto his Hollywood Mess, but was actually already the name of short story by WSB about a strange epidemic of a contagious cancer !  Of course most of us probably know the movie that got made. But both the short story / script from 1979 and PKD's sci-fi novell ( Electric Sheep ) from 1968 were way too dark + radical for a commercial blockbuster... and so what we got on the screens was a soft boiled egg. And so Bifo revisiting these original materials is quite a fascinating preface for a book about our current nightmare dystopias ( repressed desire + imagination ) unfolding, and with some strategies of a 3rd Unconciousness and poetic resistance as a possible way out !
to be cont.
19:00h CET start time
"Solidarity Days to redirect our Fractured Times"
w/ special guests from Moos Fabrik
Tomek, Jacob and friends
possible Topics:
- creating the Solidarity Days event - at the Moosdorf Fabrik, an inspiring new community-building node in Treptow 
- Re-imagining Life + Work, Mind + Body in Multiple Crises Times 
- circus arts as social interventionism and embodied caring and outside-the-box praxis  
- alt. education programs for Youth and YA and rebel teachers
- Disobedience School ( i.e. from Labofii ) 
- arts and activism ( revisited )
- Everything Must Change !
  ( the title of a fairly new book from Srecko Horvat and Renata Avila, a bunch of interviews in pandemic times/situations from )
- (resistance) Culture in the midst of Viral Pandemic Fears 
- freeing space
more coming soon 
Some great new musika from our comrades at the Club der P.V.:
Leszek Możdżer plays Komeda, Maciej Maleńczuk from Homo Twist, Siekiera - Nowa Aleksandria ( 1986 ), Jak punk to punk compilation Vol.2 (2006 ), Charles Mingus (1963 ), Izabela Trojanowska, Obywatel G.C. - Citizen G.C. - Selekcja (1993), Voo Voo Z Kobietami (2003), Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band - Between My Head And The Sky (2009), Terranova w/ Alex Hacke  - Close The Door (1999), etc...
Share some topics, thoughts, kiez alerts. etc. >>>
Antifa alert!!!  Achtung: Holocaust deniers!!!
In terms of Pandemic analysis, the XLterrestrials might be a little more concerned with " (so-called- ) democracies in decay" , state overreach managing + controlling borders + cities in new ways ( biometric i.d.s), shock doctrines, Big Pharma + Corporate structures managing non-solutions, and blocking patent-free medicines for the global south, etc. 
Here were some posts sent to us via other channels today:
very inspiring story of how cooperation wins out over the worst kind of hegemonic aggression and exclusion:
and from last week:
JAN. 21
GRK 90 + 91
Who's Afraid Of A Big Left Wolf ?
(  ( in pandemic times )  )
19h CET
Lots of Musik, maybe some analysis, maybe some screams
( contact us if u want the Deep L eng translation file )
Decolonizing Science:
Covid’s lesson: When anxious, isolated and hopeless, we’re less ready to think critically
- by Jonathan Cook, 2022 Jan 6
Call For Papers
CfP: Critical reflections on pandemic politics: left-wing, feminist and anti-racist critiques
- by [Ingrid Hoofd](, 2022 Jan 19
Big Brother Science Time 
start time: 19h CET
Topics coming SOON !
Postponed ! 
No GRK show 2nite... we need a break from work and humans.... so we are having easy alien + chill downtime 2nite... enjoy yur nite !
And what's on YOUR Kiez Radar ??
The Responsible Anarcho-Spiritualist Overthrow of Evil Assholedom
Pandemia Suspiria Spaghetti
GRK Dr. Endtimes, or how i learned to stop worrying and love the Vaccines Boosters
19h CET til... 
1. the new bio-molecular Cold War
1.5 Kusturica's Underground script - a metaphor / parallel universe for NOW
2. Chaos reports
3. G. Maxwell , a spy comes in from the fold
4. Poisoned Pizza Gate
( the memes, the memes )
5. Which Revolution wlll be Tokenized ?
(new one from D. Pinchbeck about crypto )
( a little dissection required  )         
7. And more MUSIKA from Dr.Unkuenst
Oddity Archive Teil 2
Ideas welcome here >>
schism + unschism from the intersect + Bonfire TV pppl 
and older archive on the theme ( not yet the session from RC3 )
DEc.24 87:
the night of unholy christian consumer-imperialisms
19:00h CET until ?
We are deciding if we will actually do this show... or... take a much needed break .
Standby for confirmation
Confirmed !
Btw, we just got word that:                                
maldekstra #13 
Globale Perspektiven von links: das Auslandsjouis now OUT.
link for PDF coming soon.
print version may also be out at the RLS / Neues Deutschland HQ in Fhain
Got Topics ? >>
musiKa links ? >>  
Kiez Alerts ? >>> 
your inputs Here >>>>
GRK : 
14-19h CET 
( roughly )
Hey Comrades, FYI: the XLterrestrials will be at Moos Market 2mrw. in Treptow - between 2-7pm- ( perhaps not operating that whole time). We will be set up in the covered corner of the Hof, next to the Spaeti + E.Alchemy... We will be streaming Globalista Radio Kit, dj Podo Zsupo w/ the Globo vibes, perhaps chatting with guests on-the-fly inbetween the musika + + PLUS a little CiTiZEN KiNO excerpt > CK#92: A Smorgasbord of Escape Routes / Hacks ( 1. A little about our ongoing Pandemic Mess , 2. some reflection on our C-Kino for Solar Punks collab at CCC-RC3-remote last year,  3. some excerpts from the new Arte Doc : Unterm Radar - Wege aus der digitalen, + 4. a few musika videos from our summer collab w/ UNkraut this summer, and 5.  preview of C-KINOs in 2022, etc. ) ...
Happy Holidaze!
check out this wild trailer for the film from JB Carlsen 
Santa Action ( 1975 )
ab 19h CET
2nite : GRK 85:  A tribute to Mass Revolt ! ... featuring a bit or a bunch of Punk Irratia streams outta the basque lands ... radikal nonstop ... w/ interspersed blabberei .
you can tune in already at:
"The Internet was not built for sequencing the human genome ( an       ol' tired Rifkin notion, perhaps partially correct), devoloping A.I., downloading or uploading consciouness into the matrix, constructing cybernetic regimes + corporate mousetraps, ponzi schemes uberalles, and surveiling + manipulating human populations everywhere! It is for  streaming 24/7 beacons of revolt... like channels such as Punk       Irratia...  Be Like P.I. ! ... and we might just survive the 21st    century with some integrity and our human and/or species dignity ! " dj Podo Zsupo ( from the XLt/GRK/CK collective troll operations center at Regbogenfabrik )
Your topics and Kiez news HERE >>>
Dec. 10 :
Deep Fried Hedonist Cyborgism
19h CET until ?
- Short heads-up on 5 volume anarcho-communist book project in search for a livable utopia
    -> The books (Band 1-5 : )
 - via a new agey channel 
 Jason Silva ( uber-technotopian ) interviews Erik Davis ( author of Tehcgnosis
 needs ALOT of XLT analysis 
 watch at your own risk of getting very agitated and/or seduced by the deepfried cyborg hedonists 
- anecdots of racist harrassemnt in the Kiez... the incompetent methods of covid controls in the btropolis, or is it ANOther Agenda at work?!
-upcoming housing events ! fighting forced evictions.
to be cont. 
Dec. 3 :
the art + revolution of everyday life ( now or never )
19h CET til ?
- We Are Nature Defending Itself book 
and reflections on Labofii + Zad on tour
( laboratory of insurrectionary imagination )
-Envisioning Space conference ( reflections )
- About the Unciv List
( with special guests ? )
-Revisting the Dark Mountain manifesto from 2010, and 
a new substack article from Paul Kingsworth 
- Trauer March Demo on Sunday, Dec 5
against displacement, forced evictions.... 
and soli for the housing struggles 
- Another RC3 Chaos Congress, online only, and more decentralized
( but, will anyone be resisting this cubicle-ization of everyday life ?? ) be cont.
ADD YOUR thoughts, ideas, news items, alerts HERE >>>>>
Excellent commentary on vaccine cross-contamination:
hahaha. i admit, that's funny !
But here is some really good journalistic cross-examination of Big Pharma's not-so-comedy narratives :
Cory Doctorow ( Xlt caution: one of the ultimete tech solutionists )... writes about the Cuban Vaccines and one of Big Pharmas biggest fuckups ( or fuckOvers )  and Omicron variant ! .... some useful things here perhaps. ... 
OOoof, we were warned by a couple friends, and sent an incredibly messy article by Paul Kingsworth for the Guardian... and we will likely drop this material from our GRK topics.  It is just so difficult to untangle the few good parts from the mostly insane parts ! 
I'm not happy with this. You imply too much with no backup. Please quote the "insane" parts, or at least reference whatever it is you are talking about. Otherwise it's just sraight up blatant demafation. The article is not even "messy". If anything it's "honest".
Like, for example, this?:
no, nothing like that, for example. One thing is pretty a pretty serious discussion of the state of environmentalism movement, and "the left", the other is sensationalist media for selling shit "journalism".
New topic:
- the new book by Carola Rackete
The Time to Act Is Now                                                                         - A call to combat environmental breakdown -                    
It's available for free !
Nov.26 :
Snakes and Ladders + Walls, Motes and Hierarchies 
19h CET til ?
PLEASE  NOTE: The Cafe will not be open to the public. We have to assess the  sitaution further to know how we can navigate the new pandemic measures/rules.
If you are particpating in the radio program, you are welcome to be a part of the working group and join us at the studio. Email us ( see contact above) and let us know you are coming. 
Tonite"s themes:
- Housing is a Human Right, and we will fight when you fuck with our rights ! Updates on Germany's Ampfel coalition, and how it affects housing, and the rights to our city !
- H48 Demo on sat. Nov.27
Wir fordern #WohnungenFürAlle statt dem weiteren #AusverkaufDerStadt!  Demo: MORGEN #b2711 14 Uhr #h48, #Hermannstraße 48 in #Neukölln 
March to Kotti !
- Refugees drowning in the Channel
the current situations at Calais. and other news from the refugee fronts.
- Solidarity vs. the Ant Mills of obedience
( with references to Graeber and Wengrow"s new book The Dawn of Everything )
- Fuck thanksgiving, the colonizers' myth making !
- strange encounters with artists
and a tribute for a passing friend of G's in London.
- to be cont.
YOUR thoughts, kiez bits, news + alerts
GRK 81:
mystical preposterous and all Copped out !
!9h CET til ?
PLEASE NOTE: The Cafe will not be open to the public. We have to assess the sitaution further to know how we can navigate the new pandemic measures/rules.
XLt analyst:
Wir sind nicht so bereit ( nor convinced ) data + ausweiss + gesundheits kontrol zu machen, mittendrin in einen Class War.
__ ___ ____ 
- the new book- The Dawn Of Everything - from D. Wengrow + D. Graeber
great interview / report here:
- 26 copped out 
vijay prashad on the uberised farmlands + technological power grabs
" remind(ing) us that technology is not neutral; technology is a part of the class struggle. "
- report from Soundwatch#5 fest
music from A.E. Bizottság ( hungary ) + Ag Geige ( Karl Marx Stadt )
- the 2g measures + situations in Btropolis
contribute YOUR topics and suggestions and alerts here 
GRK Welcome to the new Schmutzige "Quango" Circus Times ! 
- news from Cop26:
* warning, do not read this before ( or after) breakfast.
stay tune, we will try to have some cheerier elements for 2nite's program.
to be cont.
YOUR news roundup +/or inspirations here >>>>>>>
Chakras, crystals and conspiracy theories: how the wellness industry turned its back on Covid science --
And on a lighter note, excellent commentary on ivermectin and the like:
No, this commentary is horseshit. Either totally stupid clickbait, or part of a campaign. The background of this until now especially big success in the campaign against Ivermectin is shown in this article:
While the article states that the nytimes reported false statistics which were propmptly corrected. The point of the video above, is that people trust their filter bubble and then use de-licers for treating corona instead of vaccines.
Climate aUction NOw !? ( or Are all COP summits bastards ?! )
topics :
- Cop26 analysis
(stands for "Conference of the Parties" ... or Plunderers )
Tricontinental reports - 
and more resources coming.
-Regenbogen Kino film series -
„Freiräume für Selbstorganisierung schaffen, gestalten und verteidigen“ 
- an XLT Guide to ... keeping cultural + public spheres alive in the Military Industrial Hamster Cage Complex times  ( Metaverse, my Ass ! ) 
to be cont. 
Add your suggestions, resources etc. HERE>>
GRK Ep.No.78 
TrenMaya  + Colonialism 3.0 + Indigenous Resistance
19h CET til late
Sometime after 21:30 we expect to have guests from the Berlin GiraPorLaVida and the CNI (Congreso Nacional Indígena - Mexiko)
For More Info:
Gira Por La Vida Berlin Crew + Recherche AG des Netz der Rebellion
We will discuss the fight against the Mayan Train, the Zapatista resistance and the context for our struggles against neoliberliam uberalles and our endangered planet and ways of life. 
With lots of new Globalista Musik as well !
to be cont.
IF you have important items or news alerts, announcements to share...
Add your bits HERE >>>
GRK 77:
Soli mit Schlurf
Anti-Te-Fa ! 
( Not the same fascism of the 2oth century )
Unfortunately our collab with Schlurf cafe crew has been cancelled/postponed. But "we" are anyway assembling a bunch of Hot Topics for GRK 2mrw., and with the weather shift it might be a good nite to do an especially chatty + ranty version with lots of XLT analysis, let's see. As usual it will be a play-it-by-ear+mood episode.
On the XLt Radar:
1. Zapatistas Gira Por La Vida - cont. - a recap of their visit in Btropolis and upcoming action on 30.10 re: The Mayan Train, and their other EU destinations
2. The Pandemic Abyss isn't our biggest nightmare !
Biometric I.D.s Are! :
3. The Schlurfs + Zazous antifa youth in Wien + Paris 1930/40s 
4. the upcoming Cop26 in Glasgow
5. Remembering key highlights from Cop25 in Paris
6. Defining Techno-Facisms
7. The Kopiplatz eviction stories
8. 22.10 - Soli for goldene Hahn Bar ( heini-Platz ) at Zielona Gora which was brutally attacked by the Po on Tag X nite. 
9. Excellent report on the grim state of media in the Covid Controlled Times:
Excellent commentary on ivermectin and the like:
10. Getting evicted from the M-Fuckerbook ! And XLt ideas for paying it all Back !
ADD more HERE>>>>
to be cont.
Xtra Notes:
30.10 > Maya Tren Demo
Together on 30.10 on the street against ecocide and displacement worldwide! From Lützerath to Yucatan - From Berlin to Kurdistan!
The #TrainOfDestruction is digging a swath through the last great rainforest of Central America. The #megaproject brings environmental destruction and #humanrights violations. And the #DB is profiting with it!
We can stop it! >>> 30.10, 4 pm, Nordbahnhof Berlin
Oct 15.
Rettet Die Kiez ! Koepi Bleibt !
more into coming soon !
Cafe open, roughly from 18-23h
#KöpiBleibt #DefendKöpi #b1510 ...
Live tickers for Kopi eviction :
                                                                                      + on twitter
Friday Oct.8
GRK Alert > We will be taking a break from the GRK livestream 2day in  order to give our full attention to the Demonstration with the Zapatistas ! And so the Cafe will also be closed tonite. 
Info on the demonstrations/actions in Btropolis:
>> Kampf für das Leben!
Besuch der Zapatistas in Berlin
Demonstration gegen die Todesmaschinerie des kolonialen Kapitalismus
Fr 08.10.
Seedemo auf der Spree:  (Es wird zu dezentralen Aktionen auf den Brücken
14:45 Beginn Wasserdemo ggü. Holzmarkt /Schillingbrücke
15:30/16:00 Uhr Kundgebung vor dem Humboldt Forum
17 Uhr anlanden am Anleger Marschallbrücke/ggü. ARD-Hauptstadtstudio
also here:
Friday Oct.1st
The Zapatistas Are Landing ! ( Part 1 )
19:00h (CET) begin / intro
19:30h Discussion with guests
21:30h Soli Music from The Global South  ( mix )
Incl. the incredible new Lucha Amada benefit compilation 
- now available : 
Regenbogen Cafe is semi-open, with limited outdoor seating, the public is welcome. Inside will be for radio guests only. 
Stream link:
This program WILL be ARCHIVED ! Link will be posted here on the Chaos pad, but we also encourage you to join the livestream, and participate here in the chat. 
We will be joined by some guests from the Berlin Coordination of La Gira por la Vida to learn more about what the Zapatista delegation brings to Europe, having finally managed after some unusual obstacles to gather - in full - in Austria 2 weeks ago.And Germany is their next stop !
The indigenous communities of the EZLN began to organize quietly in the  1980s to dare an uprising against capitalism, patriarchy and colonialism  on Jan. 1, 1994. During that time president Carlos Salinas de Gortari  was pushing a neoliberal turn in Mexico with actions like revising  Article 27 in Mexico's revolutionary constitution from 1917 which  protected native communal landholdings or ejidos from sale or  privatization. Anticipating the consequences the EZLN declared war on  the Mexican state on January 1, 1994 among other things to protest the  North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) implementation.
Since  then, they have been implementing their ideas of a world where many  worlds fit into self-organization on a daily basis and building  international solidarity networks. In 2021, the Zapatistas decided to  embark on a journey to reconquer Europe and meet with hundreds of  collectives from the left and below. Europe will only be the first stop  of a worldwide Journey for Life.
Following this call groups, collectives and individuals from different movements and organizations  all around Europe have united to organize the Journey for Life  (#LaGiraZapatistaVa). The political consensus of this organization  process is expressed in the common Declaration for Life. In Germany we  call us the Network of Rebellion (#NetzDerRebellion).
The Berlin Coordination has been organizing with great enthusiasm a welcoming  program that includes spaces for exchange amongst collectives and people  fighting for refugees and undocumented migrants rights, against police  and state repression, against megaprojects and extractivism, building  urban autonomic structures as well as resisting from the arts, to name a  few.
In the framework of their visit in company of indigenous  representatives from the Consejo Nacional Indígena (CNI) & Frente de  Pueblos en Defensa de la Tierra y el Agua (FDPTA) in Berlin, we are  calling to participate (in person and digitally) at the great march  against the capitalist death machine on Friday, October 8, accross  Berlin-Mitte.
In good old manner, we will start our reconquest by  boat landing at the Marschallbrücke / ARD-Hauptstadtstudio at 4:00 pm  to continue marching through the greedy heart of our beloved city to  Potsdamer Platz. Stops will include places where a few determine and  compromise the fate of the entire planet. We'll march fearlessly against  the lethal giants of Bayer-Monsanto, Deutsche Bahn and  Heckler&Koch, and many more.
Join the resistance!
More on:
Financial support welcome!
- Berin Coordination -
Konto: Zwischenzeit e.V. (gemeinnütziger Verein)
IBAN: DE91 4306 0967 0033 5767 00 / BIC: GENODEM1GLS
Stichwort: “Spende Delegation Zapatistas”
- GRK -
AND if you would like to support our local KIEZ media station:
GRK project at the Regenbogenfabrik, contact us at Podinski's email ( above ), and ask us how. We also now accept alternative currencies like CIRCLES.
Possible topics / guiding questions / analysis
More coming soon !
And send us any thougths or questions you have there...
We wish to create our "Kiez" media platform as a PARTICIPATORY node !
(( i )) - style.
in Soli,
The XLterrestrials
YOUR thoughts / inputs HERE >>>>                    
ep. no. 74 Whale Party Partei !
arrrrgh, that election really sucked ! 
kinda like we knew it would ;)
Sept.17 : What TIME is it ??!
19h CET - til late 
Regenbogen Cafe, semi-open until 23h
( tables outside )
Possible Topics:
Part 1
- Vandana Shiva on Bill Gates' Monopolies/Empires
( and a very controversial article that we will NOT link here, because we are still investigating its author, and assessing if it is information we are willing to defend + support )
- Superbooth 2021 at the FEZ Berlin
- Pi Radio and Radio Woltersdorf streams from Superbooth
- Nikolas Cruz at Funkhaus last weds. 
- Regenbogen Andy's Cafe Gespraech with Frans from the banned *Radikal* magazine ( streamed on sept. 16th ) 
Part 2
- new article from Daniel Pinchbeck on the Actual Climate War ! 
- Andreas Malm vs. Roy Scranton ( on Anthropocene issues )
- Fridays For Future is back ! Sept.24th is A BIg One !
- Stanislaw Lem 100th birthday !
( exhibition currently in Potsdam at Rechenzentrum )
- happy B Day K.Kino !!
- etc.
Do YOU have some topics for us to REPORT + DISCUSS
Add your NEWS here>>> 
Sept.10 72 : 
"5,000 ways to Kill a Landlord"
20h CET til c.midnite
We might get a late start 2day due to rain... and stuff.
- Report back from CK91
( clips + excerpts )
- LinaBraakeBank news
- 11.9 Mietenwahnsinn DEmo
- Zodiak program at HAU
- Vaccine mandates coming ??
( see articles )
- Climate news
- XLt now on Gitlab
- Sept. 11
 - the failed war on terror and everything else that was on the wrong track ( kinda like the pandemic eh? )
at Insel Der Jugend, Treptow
XLterrestrials present 
CiTiZEN KiNO ( #91) : “Re-embodied Music + Praxis“
In this episode we navigate a variety of films + clips about artists using music for social change, revolution, healing and/or cultures of resistance. As Fela Kuti once famously said from the epicenter of one of Nigeria’s brutal regimes, “Music is a weapon !“  Of course music can be many others things, but in our own severely troubled times with global-scale chaos unfolding, perhaps we could use some wild inspiration from those who have wielded their artistry and radical concepts as deeply engaged political action! This show is also our tribute to Ton Steine Scherben, the legendary anarchist rock collective, whose fierce art still permeates the movements for solidarity and autonomous zone cultures. 
CiTiZEN KiNO is a series of situationist-like interventions, an expanded cinema that mixes + hacks film, mass media, performance, social gatherings and the public sphere
at Insel Der Jugend, Treptow
( in the harbor, beside the foot of the bridge that leads to the island )
A collaboration with Unkraut Kollectiv’s Boat  
Start time is punctual !
20:30 - Intro to the C-KiNO project
21:00 - the main CK#91 playlist   
Donations welcomed !
Sept.3 71 : Re-embodied Musix + Poitics
19h CET
Cafe open until 23h
so if yur in Kberg, come stop by 
have a drink and support the KIEZ MEDIA !
Lots of possible topics, we will try to write more about here...
1. C-KINO has a new date scheduled with Unkraut Kollectiv
perhaps the last chance this year to experience guerilla KIno as open air cinema.... we will discuss our topic for the show: (Dis-)Embodied Music + Politics : A Tribute to Ton Steine Scherben
( Sept. 7 at Insel der Jugend, Treptow. 20:30h ( intro ) 21:00 film clips )
2. The Telegram Platform, and its owners Nikolai and Pavel Durov
an intro discussion. XLt perspectives, as newbies on the channel. 
3. Adam Tooze article+discussion on Nettime
Covid and the crisis of neo-liberalism
The Guardian, Thursday 2 Sep 2021
4. Climate Summit in Glasgow coming up... 
5. A report back from our Radical Fim Network experiences
6.etc, to be cont.
ADD your news + topic + music suggestions+links HERE >>>
We might decide to take a break with the GRK stream 2nite... and work and do research at the Radical Film Network 2nite instead... gonna play it by ear.
Check the full schedule HERE:
                                                                                                                                                                    Here is an interesting trailer for a film called Grief by Andrea Culkova .. who i think speaks 2day... and will be on our panel 2mrw.....
Aug 20
"The River of Creative Returns"
19h til Late ( CET )
We will discuss the Unkraut Kollevtiv in Btropolis, and our upcoming C-Kino collaboration with them on Thurs. Aug. 26th. 
And lots going on, so we will be posting more topics sooooooon !
We  are working on our CiTiZEN KiNO #91 ( Aug.26 ) - a tribute to TSS - and  just realized that today is Rio Reiser's todestag 20.8.96 ...
Some very fresh Musika being featured on 2nite's show:
Mark Stewart and the Pop Group "Y in Dub" 2021>>