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Public Pad Latest text of pad radar-sources Saved April 25, 2023

(first entry is the actual calender, the rest additional information eg on how to parse it into radar) coworking (Valence, Drôme, France) OpenAgenda digital mediation center (Valence, Drôme, France) OpenAgenda collective workspace (Valence, Drôme, France) GoogleAgenda List of demoparties (artistic coding parties) with dates and a map; iCal, RSS (or similiar?)
Lists of sources, so called "list of lists" sources (list of lists) (also has sites for CH, BE, Brasil…) (RSS, iCal, twitter for day events)
webcal:// : an aggregator for many cultural and social events in Quebec (you have to choose the name of the city). has a list of conferences, too. 
BH USA 2016, DEF CON 24, BruCon, HackInParis, HITB Amsterdam, NullCon, GroundZero, c0c0n, XorConf, 
Browsing through existing events (worldwide) and noting them - often they have a list of "community partners" or such, where they link on a bunch of other, similar events.
nz.js(con); New Zealand JS Conference 2017
@ Decentralized Web Summit
@ New Zealand Internet Research Forum
@ Data Terra Nemo 2015
@ JS.LA April 2015
@ 2014
18:15 < ntropy> sva: you're building an aggregate & global calendar of tech events?
18:17 < ntropy> have you seen the rojak calendar on
The URL of my website :
    pyconau radar list
08:48 < notthetup> sva: sorry about that. but feel free to ask any questions about 
                   here or :)
08:48 < RotiPrata> [ webuildsg/webuild - Gitter ] -
09:05 < icedwater> Not in #webuildsg? :P
Temporary website:
Interview about CryptoRave -

19:34 <@blackbit> codec: bist du in involviert oder 'nur' daran 
                  interessiert? bist du bei der veranstaltung am 29.03.? ich denke ich 
                  werde hingehen
19:40 <@wink> also dafür dass es schon 8 treffen gab ist 
partner events
cocon, hackin a box nl,, indocrypt, 
  • kalendar berlinsides, ph neutral
  • enog st petersburg 23-24 may
  • noc leute fragen has a list of conferences, too. coworking federation for Drôme (France) OpenAgenda
HackerAgenda has its own API:
WebOOB has a CapAgendaEvent capability, so can do event scraping using python modules, with
Many other structures are usually federated by non-profits that aggregate events, sometimes on, like
- coworking spaces, eg. which is also aggregated by the local coworking spaces group can integrate with websites, not really that much "open".
GPG KeySigning Parties calendars ???
There's a recent project to build on OpenStreetMap and add events, and I think a talk was given recently but I can't find where it was...
Guidebook uses some JSON format internally. For ex: MozFest:
JSON is at (locations (rooms) seem to be described elsewhere though). sofia, bulgaria, in november