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Public Pad Latest text of pad torpad Saved Dec 30, 2016

  • hard to find reliable hoster in germany
  • become AS
  • moves problem to larger ISPs
  • high pressure on ISPs. we do not understand this
  • might be afraid to be reponsible
  • whois of ip should return organization, abuse@ and not the ISP...
  • if you have your own AS, you can get the ISP or hoster to delegate the whois/ripe records of your IPs to your AS, so you get all the automated abuse mails
  • Emphasise that this will reduce abuse emails directed to them
  • related: experience with certain providers etc
  • Issues with experienced exit node operators spoiling the reputation of tor w/ ISPs
  • it is not that bad to have a strong organization running relays
  • there is always an organization (and the community) to help single relay operators in case of $fire
  • T-Shirts
  • Still waiting
  • later.